South Australia Day 6

Day 6

Today we have a buy day ahead and we are on it early. We are in the car and qUickly make light work of the drive to Gawler station, about 25-30 min’s in traffic. We park up and 10 min’s later we are on the train where Kaz does a balancing act of buying tickets on the machine whilst we are in motion. It’s after the morning rush if this place actually has one so not too busy and the trip in to Adelaide is easy and uneventful. Strolling out of the station in to bright sunlight and a cross the road where free shuttle buses are running to take us to the Adelaide Superloop 500 which is the opening round of the V8 Supercars championship of Australia.
Tickets purchased for general access and hairpin loop stand access which is up on high and Guarantees us a reserved seat and their are heaps of tables and chairs to avoid the crowds and take a rest.
I am of course loving it and Kaz is to a lesser degree with her ear plugs in as the noise is off the charts. Not sure which is the most impressive, the way the cars accelerate or the way they are able to wipe of that amount of speed and stay under control. We see the Porsche cup cars practising, crazy v8 truck racing then my favourite which is the Classic Muscle car series, running Mustangs, Camaro’s, Chargers and of course Holden Torana. These guys are mental and the speeds are incredible as they hit hundreds of kilometres an hour as they shatter the air on the way past about 3 meters from where we are standing.

Later it’s the turn of the big boys who are for me a bit more sanitised but never the less frighteningly quick. I grab a pit pass whilst Kaz has a break in the stands. Pit pass is a bit of false advertising really as the pass is for the back of the pit’s and not the front where you would really want to be. Still spotted a few drivers in there but overall not worth the coin.
Then suddenly the day is gone and we do the reverse trip back to the train on the free bus and where the only entertainment was a group of kids who obviously have not purchased tickets playing cat and mouse with the inspectors.
Having got back to the car we are then back at base in no time and we reckon a reward is due so we head up the street in to the first pub which is a bit of an old man’s shop, although there are a couple of girls and a guy in there who are younger. Strangely one of the girls seems he’ll bent on twisting the head of the young dude who has no defence. Before she starts on us or particularly me we make a sharp exit and move on to the next pub, the Vine Inn which is way better and we stay here for a while and get some chicken wings to scoff before making our exit as the day catches up with us and it’s lights out time.

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