South Australia Day 4

Day 4

Longer drive today rolled the dice and changed plan, we were going to head from Penola to Gawler but thought we would instead head for Narioopta which is right in the heart of the Barossa wine region. Last night after a really sunny day we had some rain but we had planned to leave sharp this morning and we had everything packed up and was just a matter of dropping the roof, hooking up the van and job done.
We actually managed to leave by 8:00 which is pretty good.
Today all going to plan should get us north by quite a way. Today starts pretty overcast which of course is perfect for driving. I will be today’s pilot for this one and we are gone and in no time eating up the miles.
We make so much time up that we stop for breakfast at Keith at a cracker of a little cafe. We don’t bother filling up with fuel as we figure plenty in the tank so press on.
Of course which sort of leads into what you might guess that as we have maybe an hour and a half to go we will grab diesel when we get the chance. Well bloody hell, we drive for a further hour and as you would be aware Adelaide is either uphill or downhill and the fuel load is disappearing fast without even a sign of a fuel station. Panic, not us, well maybe and then we drop down from another massive climb in to a tiny one street town and an oasis of a fuel pump appears at the side of the road. Now do not picture Caltex, BP or any normal station, this is a pump in a corner just out side on the pavement it is so stuck in a corner that I can’t even get the car close to it and of course the fuel filler is on the other side of the car, FFS. So we have to pull out drive up the street and manoeuvre our way back downhill and we manage this feet just before another caravan comes to take the spot. Thankfully we get in and get the deed done before our vapours ran out. Strangely as we leave this place a woman comes round the bend in front of us and is just about completely on our side of the road and we have absolutely no where to go!! Amazingly and not sure how but she seems to re awake and hauls her car back on to the correct side and we live to tell the tale.
Having survived, we have a short drive now up and over a few climbs before we arrive at our next home. The Big 4 Nuriootpa have a deal stay four nights and pay for three for members, tick and tick.

This will be an ideal base to travel around short distances but get a lot in return. We will visit a few wineries for tastings and lunch and will drive to Gawler before catching the train in to Adelaide for the start of the V8 Supercars weekend which we will go to on the opening day on Thursday. The weather is set to be perfect for it.

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