South Australia Day 3

Day 3

Today arrives and the sun is in full bloom and we are up and in it, sitting outside thinking yep Monday and no work today.
Only thing bugging us is that the van is in the shade and a heavy morning dew is hanging on the van and car. Yesterday as we drove we seemed to hit a cloud of like dirty air which stuck to everything not wet but just very dirty. So we move the van to a better spot that we had seen a couple of wise grey nomads choosing yesterday and we grab it just as another van arrives scoping out a spot we then wash the solar panel which was covered in dirt and not not charging at it’s best. Today will be 32 and sun all day so we should be at maximum charge levels easy.
During the day a few others arrive and before we know it we are up to six, strangely yesterday was more motorhomes than caravans but today is the complete opposite, I know boring fact. Lol.
Today’s trip will be to the Naracoorte caves and Fossil centre.

We are lucky as it’s only a 30 minute drive, helped by 110K speed limit and we are happy we have everything locked up including the van. Seems a bit strange to be leaving our van in the middle of a paddock with not many people around but it should be fine.
We arrive at the centre which is pretty amazing with multiple caves spread over a pretty large area. As usual it’s in to the visitor centre to get the good word on how we can best see as much as possible with the least amount of walking and gaps in time. The ranger dude talks us through the possibilities and best plan and off we go following different tracks to different caves. Some you are free to enter others are filled with bat’s and must be left alone. You can wait until sunset then watch as the bat’s head out on their night time hunting trips.
With a bit of time on our hands before we join an actual cave tour we get our nose bag on with a home made sausage roll and a plate of chips with salt sauce and vinegar provided. We sit outside on a lovely big covered deck and lap up the peace and quiet whilst stuffing our faces.

Tour time arrives and we drive out the centre and down the road a bit to join our cave tour bunch of about eight. This cave is one of the most guarded due to a massive fossil discovery which is still being examined and catalogued.
Our wee guide is a but of a fossil nerd and seems to enjoy throwing out questions to the group with some funny answers and retorts being traded. The air quality is not the best , very dusty and drying our throats out a bit. We reach the lowest point on the tour and it’s quiz time again “how deep are we from the surface” bang we are correct at just under 20 metres, sadly no prizes but bragging wrights all the same. Our guide is getting a bit excited now and as we descend in to a pretty dark area she lights the place up and there it is, the massive fossil area. Ok, honestly it’s a pile of bones washed in to a pile and needs someone from Disney to add something to it just to give it a bit more sparkle. All the same our guide does her best to make it interesting. Later we head back up to the surface and get smashed by sunlight as the final door is opened to ground level and we can breathe the very welcome fresh air.
Tomorrow we leave to head north. Plan is to stop at Gawler where we can explore the Barrosa wine area and also hop on a train in to Adelaide for a walk around. This is a good stop getting us north of Adelaide and ready to drop round the bay down in to Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay before that we will have another overnight in Whyalla.

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