South Australia Day 2

Day 2

Even without Shana wanting out we are awake at 6:45am and have certainly topped up our sleep overnight. There was a local road that had a bit of traffic noise but really didn’t disturb us. Although we were allowed to stay at this camp for another day we decide to move on and get hooked up and were on the road by 8:30am.
In our quest follow the sun and having done some searching last night we decide to head for the little town of Penola which a pretty short drive and from there it is a short distance to the many Coonawarra wineries. On the way we make a detour to Mount Gambier to have a look at the local swap meet and car show.

In actual fact looking around you would be forgiven for thinking that the mullet convention was about to begin, some absolute beauties walking around. We walked about for a bit and grabbed a bit of breakfast before getting back on the road.
This stint will get us to the north again as we follow the elusive sunshine. Looking at the forecast it seems the best spot for a couple of days with Monday putting on 31 degrees. Tonight will be in another free camp called Greenrise Lake just south of the town of of Penola a really clean and looked after area with free bbq and bins. This is another beauty brought to us with our WikiCamps app. The drive is uneventful except for a stupid Gala flying directly in front of the car and at 90 k’s an our one thud, a firework of feathers and Gala is no more. Not very nice and poor Kaz got a bit teary eyed about, I was thinking “hope there is no damage or blood on the car or van”.

The signs on the road are giving us the warnings around bringing fruit and veg in to South Australia from Victoria along with the severe fines if caught and telling us to get rid of any we may have before it is too late. Strangely as we cross in to SA there is none around, no inspectors, no checks and we drive through without a problem and now have to find a fruit and veg shop pronto.

As we near our destination following the sat nav for some reason we end up again at a dead end and again poor Kaz has the job of reversing quite a way back to get us back on course. Expertly done with my assistance of course and we go the long way round as as we wait to turn in a motor home converted van thing drives in in front of us and we follow along in to the campground where we find not one other person, the place is deserted and as far as we can see has nothing wrong with it. We each find our respective spots at opposite ends Of the park and begin setting up camp. Ours is a beaut spot next a cracker of a big tree with a view of all who come and go for entertainment.

Job done and it’s off to to sample some wine at the many cellar doors in the Coonawarra area which is a 10 minute drive.
I am still feeling like crap but am such a trooper that once again in Adelaide I am holding car keys and let Kaz get her wine head on.
First up is the Di Georgio vineyard, very nice but relatively small. Kaz dives in to a sparkling white and does not even need the spitoon. Red next Cab Sav gets the thumbs up and straight on to a cracker sparkling red Merlot. One of each to go thank you and on to Majela wines recommended by Di Georgeo. Again a bit boutique size and Kaz is straight in to a nice Shiraz, followed by another Sparkling red all bottoms up style. Mixed dozen and free shipping? That will do nicely.

Time has flown and we head back to the van but stop off at IGA to get some supplies, bloody hell convenience costs has never been more apt a phrase. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. Chicken kebabs are on the Webber with salad, coleslaw and chopped tom’s. All washed down with some cold water……yeh right.
People watch is then the order of the evening and we have a late one this time, 9:30 lights out.

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