Dubai to Geelong, Victoria

Early five am rise for a long day ahead. We have breakfast in our room and our bags taken to the lobby and loaded in to our car taking us to the airport.



We arrive at the airport without issue having viewed some of Dubai’s tall buildings and very expensive supercar garages on the way.




Duty free calls and we load up on our favourite tipples at absolute bargain prices then before we know it we board our Emirates 380 and fourteen and a half hours later arrive in Melbourne. We make a super quick exit and are on the bus and hope we remember where we parked our car.
It feels a bit strange as we have not driven for weeks and we join the traffic in a wet busy Melbourne day.


We arrive home in Geelong and to our waiting and surprised border collies where Rebecca our life savour has looked after both the dogs and house as only she can.

We grab three hours sleep to keep us going and our aim is to last the day and get in to Australian time zones as fast as possible.

We have had an absolutely fantastic time and hope the blog/diary and pics have maybe inspired some people to get out and travel. We will certainly be continuing our travels and will enjoy future adventures round Australia and beyond.

4 thoughts on “Dubai to Geelong, Victoria

    1. Hi Siobhan, I am amazed and pleased you remembered the blog address. Glad you enjoyed it and it was a pleasure sitting with you on the flight.


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