Atlantis, Palms Dubai

After a very short sleep of about four hours we are back up and head down to the Imperial Club breakfast lounge on the twelfth floor where a full buffet is on offer but no black pudding, square sausage or bacon on offer. In addition to this room we also have another four restaurants/lounges we can choose from. We dive in and scoff on with several visits and happy that the coffee is good.
We then go walkabout and we pass part of the aquarium where a gigantic fish tank has over sixty five thousand fish in it.


We continue walking and head outside to the pool and beach area. There are several pools, one is an infinity style and is huge.


We also have access to the Imperial Club private beach which has stunning views of the city skyline with its massive skyscrapers including the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world at 829 meters high. We head back to the pool and grab a towel then get in for a relaxing dip, the water temp is just perfect and the sun is shining with 30+ degrees. Only one thing missing in this picture and that’s drinks, I grab the drinks list and it’s cocktails all round bloody beautiful.

Two thirty arrives and we are now being served complimentary afternoon tea in one of the Imperial Club lounges and it’s superb with again anything you could want including sandwiches, posh ones with no crusts cut in to long strips, chips, fruit, camel stew, cheeses, fancy deserts and scones with cream and jam of course. In addition the staff who are incredible will bring you any drink you want. Faces stuffed again we head back to the pool for more swimming and taps aff tanning.
Time flys and before we know it’s time to head back to the lounge for two hours of more complimentary food and drinks and we manage behave ourselves but when you order a drink the waiters just keep them coming even though you have not ordered any more.


We then return to our room for a while before heading downstairs to one of the many cocktail bars and have a laugh before we turn in for the night.

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