Atlantis, Palms Dubai

Having got to bed late last night we manage to sleep so long we missed breakfast but there is so much food on offer we have not once eaten in any of the many restaurants.

Today pretty much mirrors yesterday with the exception being that we spend more time at the Imperial Beach as there is a lot more room. There is also a lot more noise from the filming going on as Kirsty Gallagher and Vernon Kay film a TV program within 100 yards of where we are sitting. It’s called the hero challenge and is a big golf thing with pro golfers arriving to take part and the noise of helicopters all day.


We took a pic of them taking a pic, Kirsty then put that pic on instagram.



Rumour has it that Kylie Minogue is here with a few other well known names as the Dubai Grand Prix is coming up in the next 10 days.
Having missed breakfast we once again head for the lounge for afternoon tea and manage to have a bit of food and later we do the same again between five and seven.

Already it is time for us to leave Dubai and we ensure our bags are packed, the flight is checked and the transport to the airport is booked. We will get up at five thirty Dubai time tomorrow morning, have breakfast in our room, our flight leaves at five past ten and is an Emirates 380 plane. Flight time is fourteen and a half hours and we land in Melbourne at 6.30 am local time and will then drive home finally to Geelong.

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