Venice to Dubai

The final day arrives and we are happy to be leaving Italy and on to Dubai where we hope to get some hot sun and maybe a bit of luxury at the Atlantis Palms hotel.


We have breakfast and chillax in our room until midday where we are dropped off at a very foggy airport ready to check in and that’s when it happened.

“Do you have the black bag” says Kaz, “no” I reply and we both realise that we have left it back at the hotel. (scratch that as Kaz has told me I forgot the bag).

Kaz gets on the phone, makes a call to the hotel and they tell us that the maids had already brought it down and it was sitting in reception. We are thankful not only for the hotel being so close but the driver who just dropped us off will go back to the hotel, collect the bag and bring it back to us. We head outside and within minutes take possession of the bag which funnily contained a book that Kaz had left deliberately as she had read it. Panic over we get in and go through the pain of security and passport control before choosing a good spot whilst we wait for our boarding call. The flight today is pretty easy, only five and a half hours, with Emirates
and we have booked seats on either side of a row proving us both aisle seats and I hope not to need oxygen before or during the flight.

We have had to move from our chosen spot at the gate, it was invaded when two Asian woman sat right next to us, one wearing a face mask and the other older one coughing like a sick horse. With a full 60 minutes until we take off people are lining up to board the plane and boarding has not even been called yet !!

Long story short we arrived without issue then a bus drives us 6 km around the airport until finally we reach the gate, clear customs and grab our bags. Our driver turns up and we speed through the dark streets and arrive at our hotel The Palms Dubai, check in to the Imperial Club and head upstairs to our ocean front room.


As we are on Venice time which is although local time is 3am we go for a stroll and finally head to sleep at 4 am local time.

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