Venice – Last Night

Strange day today as most of our group have all but gone with a couple of exceptions who are leaving a little later.


We have breakfast after which we have the entire hotel to ourselves and decide to book the hotel shuttle to the airport for Sunday around 12 pm for our flight to Dubai. To allow the maids to clean the room we head out of the hotel in to a very heavy fog blanketing the area and about 10 degrees.


Luckily we are rugged up and walk quite a short distance in to the local small town which has a little market thing on at the local church and we have a walk round it but it’s more of a flea market with used toys etc and we stroll on. As we walk it becomes clear that we are now heading out of the town already and about turn then walk back to the hotel, the entire walk lasted about fifteen minutes.
Having got back in our room we repack our cases to distribute the load and sort out our smaller cases with clothes for the heat of Dubai which is the first leg of our journey back home to Australia.
Later we walk back in to to town and share a piping hot pizza and a couple of coronas for dinner rather than go to the hotel bar or restaurant. The little bar seems to be a hang our for old people who are playing cards, reading newspapers and watching Italy v Fiji and is more like a licensed library. Later we return to the hotel and shortly after its lights out.

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