Venice Last Day of the European Tour

The last day of the tour arrives and everyone is up with breakfast done and on to the coach for the short drive back in to Venice. Our boat is waiting, ready and in no time we are sailing to to the Guidecca islands where we will visit the world famous Murano glass factory. Once inside we are treated to a demonstration of glass blowing and a couple of pieces made, one a prancing horse and the other a jug. Next of course it’s the showroom which is a Murano collectors dream, we have a look round but the pieces are all very expensive and we buy nothing.
Back on to the boat and off to Saint Marks to meet our guide Maria Terese who walks us through the basilica of St Marks with its glittering mosaics and we see the Pala d’Oro before Maria takes us on a tour around Santa Formosa. Dominic gets us a group discount and most of us take the chance to ride the elevator to the top of the bell tower for some brilliant view of Venice.
Back on the ground we head back to the boat and sail to Burano passing San Michelle and the Arsenale. This is a tiny place with small houses all painted in different in different colours and reminds me a bit of Millport in Scotland.


It is here the group will have a celebratory final dinner in the restaurant Raspo De Ua. The meal itself was amazing with heaps and heaps of food and wine served including risotto, chicken, steak, fish and shellfish followed by Amaretto and biscotti. Afterwards we have a small amount of time for a walk and some shopping time. The area specialises in lace handed down by generations, all hand stitched but very expensive.


After a short wait we are back on the boat sail the same trip in reverse but in darkness this time and meet Salvatore the coach driver who whisks us back to our hotel where we have a group shot of most people on the tour with a couple of exceptions. Then lot’s of folks say their goodbyes and head off to their rooms but we head for the bar and meet up with some other people and all of us always seem to end up having a laugh. We share a few drinks then all retire having said our goodbyes. We will stay at this hotel one more night on our own before heading to the airport for our flight back to Dubai.

The tour although short has been absolutely both fantastic and exhausting with Dominic setting a fast pace and packing as much in a he possibly could. If there is a model of the perfect tour guide then he would be it hands down.

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