Florence to Venice via Verona

Today we leave Florence already and head for Venice.

We don’t bother with breakfast as in most places you need to be really hungry to eat that stuff.

Dominic has a new seat plan for the coach and originally we were at the very rear which we liked we have now went forward in line with the side door which will make on off pretty easy. Some folks don’t seem to get their head round it and cause Dominic a headache but we all manage to get on and we’re off.
This morning it is raining but luckily it is forecast to clear soon after we leave Florence.
We drive through the Apennines, past Bologna in to the Veneto region before arriving in Verona. It is home to the classic Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and we visit the balcony in the town centre where people are going crazy writing messages on the walls and attaching padlocks of love together and throwing away the keys as a mark of undying love.

We then have a walk through the lovely town centre which has lots of high end shopping and beautiful buildings like most of Italy we have visited.


After a Roadhouse stop we arrive in to Venice and cross the road bridge built n year ten of the Grand Fascist Council which takes us to Tronchetto where our boat awaits to transport us to the River Delli Schiavoni. This is the main area in Venice and as you can imagine we are not alone.

Dominic once again comes through and within minutes we are wobbling our way in to a gondola and follow in George Clooney’s path around the waterways and bridges of the city with lots of photo’s being taken by tourists on very bridge. Tempered to belt out “just one Cornetto” which thankfully for everyone else I mange not to. The gondolas are amazing with fancy details everywhere and how the guy manages to avoid the narrow lanes with lots of other gondolas i will never know but we arrive back safely and wobble our way back on to dry land.
With everyone accounted for, including one of our group who fell getting in to the gondola we are off in to a flotilla of water taxi’s which take us down to the Grand Canal under the Bridge of Sighs which now in darkness is stunning.

The water taxi, which is not really a name fitting the boat we are in as it is incredible, made of nine different woods all polished and absolutely spotless both the leather seats below and the upper deck area where we ride taking photo’s.


We sail back to the Tronchetto where our coach awaits to take us to the the Anthony Hotel where we will stay overnight and eat dinner as well. We are allocated our room and as soon as we walk in we walk back out. Once again we are given single beds and as we are here for the next three nights immediately get a change. This works well as the room we are given is massive and we request and receive extra pillows as we hate having only one, must be getting old.
Having settled in we get down for dinner which is typical of a hotel tour meal but hunger makes good kitchen and then after having a few laughs in the bar we head upstairs and crash to sleep. Tomorrow we will return to Venice for another days touring.

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