Rome to Florence Via Pisa

We were up early packing our cases which will be collected and placed on the bus for us. We have soaking rain this morning as we leave Rome in to morning rush hour traffic and head north through Lazio and Umbria on our way to Florence but will stop in Pisa on the way.

As we near Pisa the rain has cleared and there is a little bit of sun trying to get through. We get off the coach and board a little train having ran the gauntlet of people trying to sell us stuff. The train takes us to the square of miracles where we get our first look at the famous leaning tower.


It stands pretty high next to yet another amazing church and is freaky to look at as it really should topple over.

Afterwards we head north to Torre Del Lago Puccini before driving to a farmhouse for dinner. Il Poggio sits in the Tuscan hills and produces amazing olive oil, balsamic oil and wines.

We are shown how the olives are pressed to produce fantastic olive oil then have a magnificent meal with delicious wines and entertainment. We then get taken to our hotel, the Novotel Aeroporto.

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