Rome – Trafalgar Tour Start

On a mission this morning, down for breakfast then over to reception to get a change of room. Not because we want a better view but because the room is next to the elevator and we can hear the ding of the thing arriving and also the noise of people as they go to their room. Surprisingly there was no argument which spoiled my fun a bit and we are given a new room on the same floor but away from the elevators. Today is a good day as the vaping conference ends and we can both breath easier and also see where we are going.

Today is the official start of the Trafalgar tour where we will meet our fellow travellers and Dominic the tour director.

We walk the short distance in to the local town and grab some supplies, so ok we mean mixers for our vodka and chips n dips. The town is really a very short street with a couple of restaurants, shops and petrol stations but we are happy we don’t have to go in to the madness of Rome on our own. Returning to the hotel we get our cases sorted out for the next couple of days in Rome and in the afternoon we get our heads down and enjoy a wee mini sleep.

4.45 arrives and wee head down in to the Trafalgar tour group meeting room and get our first look at our fellow passengers and meet our tour director who gives us a presentation on the tour from the first day to the last. The group then get to introduce themselves to the group individually, we are no exception and say our name where we are from and what we hope to get from the tour. Dominic is a super smart and very funny guy who was born in Edinburgh but moved south to study at Oxford University and has no Scottish accent whatsoever, he has retained his sense of humour though and has a great off the wall vibe to him. There is a huge mix of nationalities and ages including Australia, USA, Canada and a newly married young couple from Singapore. After the presentation we get offered the chance to be taken in to Rome for our first visit and to a restaurant in a piazza which we jump at.


We get on our surprisingly luxury coach and in minutes we are in the centre of the city which is absolutely stunning and we are taken to a fantastic restaurant where we get taken to the rear on a terrace and enjoy fantastic food and wines complete with the owner Franco playing the piano and singing for us. Dominic gets up and plays a Scottish tune on a whistle which is sort of strange but fun. On our table we have the young newlyweds and after the main part of the meal they are presented with a huge cake and we all applaud them and Franco sings a song in their honour which brings the evening to a close. We head back over to the coach and are transported back to the hotel where we head straight to sleep as tomorrow we have a 6am alarm call and we will head in to Rome for a busy day of touring.

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