Paris to Rome

All packed up and collected by our taxi on route to the airport to leave Paris and once again we have a maniac driver, kinda scary but the upside is we get to the airport very fast and in a nice Mercedes.
We do the usual boring stuff, checking in, going through security, down to the gate and on to a plane that is full and we are seated at the rear end.
One and a half ours later we touch down in Rome where we take a shuttle to the hotel where we will pick up the rest of the group who will be on the tour of Italy.

Having left a boutique high end hotel in Paris, this one is how should I put it, nothing like boutique. We are given a room on the sixth floor and think well the views should be good but no the view is rubbish and is looking on to a swimming pool that has not seen swimmers for a long time.


Settled in and semi unpacked as we will be here for three nights we head down to have a look around. There is a strange mist in the reception area as if there is a rock band about to play. We ask the staff what is it with the smoke stuff and they tell us that there is a conference on at the hotel which is about Vaping. This is like ecigarettes and all of the participants are using these vaping machines which is allowed inside as they are not smoking. Either way it is getting very hard to see so we decide to take a walk and grab some food. Not far from the hotel are a couple of restaurants and we take a chance on one of them which worked out ok, wasn’t anything you would come back for but we got fed and that’s what we were after. We then returned to the hotel and crashed to sleep as tomorrow is a big busy day.

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