Having slept well we get down to the dining room for breakfast which is part of our deal. On offer is al the usual plus a few extras.


Fully fed and charged up we get the good oil from Laura in reception who advises us to walk to the local bus stop where we can board the hop on hop off bus. Laura goes a step further and prints out tickets for us.


Eventually we get on the bus and head in to the centre of Paris first stop was the Eiffel Tower where we line up to take the elevator to the very top. Due to the idiot terrorist incidents in the city there is a heightened security presence with both police and armed forces on the streets in large numbers. Our bags are searched and our bodies scanned before we are allowed in to the elevator area and after a short wait we are off to the first of two levels. Kaz has to close her eyes and hold on tight and repeats this ten fold when we enter the final trip to the top. The views of Paris are stunning on what is a clear dry day. There is also a champagne bar at the top for people who wish to propose. We walk round the entire top level before heading back down to ground level where the line to get in has increased and is ten times what it was.
Not wanting to waste time on the hop bus we decide to use the metro to get back to the hotel, we are told we only need to change once and it will be a fast return. On the first train and seated we are happy bunnies but this would soon end due to a huge influx of people then to the train being unable to go any further due to a suicide on the line ahead. As the announcement is made in French we are last to get off and grab a guard for some advice. He tells us what to do which we follow and before too long we are back at the hotel and start to get ready to go back out again as tonight we will take in the show at the Moulin Rouge.


Heading to the show we get back on the metro change lines and get there in plenty of time. We have booked the show and dinner before in a nice little French restaurant close to the theatre. The area around the theatre is packed with people with all manner of buses and taxis dropping patrons off. We have noticed in Paris that there are more than a few families on the street begging and outside the Moulin Rouge there is a young woman sitting on a blanket on the ground and with her are two toddlers, it is not a pretty sight.
Having eaten dinner with a glass of red we waste no time and head in to the theatre where once again we are searched and scanned. We are shown to our table high above the stage with a great view of the warm up acts and people dancing.
The show and the theatre is way over the top and harks back to a more decadent past with lavish colours and nakedness being the order of the day. There are also a couple of different acts such as a couple on a raised platform carrying out amazing feats on roller skates and a woman who could turn herself in the most amazing way. The show goes on for two hours and we are given a glass of champagne which was disgusting and we leave it to go back in the bottle probably. At the end of the show the entire dancing girls troupe go in to the famous Can Can routine which is a bit of a French farce and seems pretty funny.
Outside and time to go we are on the lookout for our driver who will take us back to the hotel. Interestingly the woman with the children is still there and the poor little toddlers are under a blanket sleeping, this is eleven at night and very sad to witness.
We locate our driver who is also dropping another couple of groups off and we arrive at the hotel knackered and straight to sleep.

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