Glasgow to Paris

Can you believe it, on the day we leave Glasgow for Paris we sleep in. No worries though as we have booked our seats on the Easy Jet flight but will have to drive through the morning rush hour and school run traffic. This morning is no better than yesterday with rain falling and a fully overcast sky.
With everyone up and running around it’s finally time to leave and we get big hugs and sad faces as we run through the wet in to the hire car. We decide to take the old back road we know well as the motorway at this time is a car park. This turns out to be a very wise move and we sneak through the lines of cars, fuel up and drop the car at the rental company glad it is gone and no damage occurred. We walk the short distance to the terminal and get our bags loaded on to the flight.

As we are strolling through the duty free section heading for our gate, we meet non other than American singer Chris Isaak who is touring. I tend not to speak to these famous people but make an exception in this case. “Wow, Chris Isaak” I say, and as we shake hands I ask him how the tour is going and is he liking the Glasgow rain. Now I am no great reader of people but I could tell in his eyes that he may have a new song called f**** off and leave me alone in the pipeline. He tells me he is on his way to Paris and I give him the great news that we are also heading for Paris and I can hear a second line of the song being composed in his eyes. Not sure if I walked slower or he increased his speed as he disappeared in to the distance whilst saying “come and see us in Paris” and I hatch a plan to get a photo later.
Next stop for us is a breakfast of a bacon roll and a mug of coffee before we get down to the gate for departure and have a chuckle as Isaak is first in line, in row two and we are in row five just behind. I pretend to be texting whilst I snap a pic of the back of his head and again when seated do the same.
It’s great to be leaving rainy horrible Glasgow, we take off and the rain is blown of the plane, as we climb through the cloud and see the sunshine we are happy bunnies. The flight itself is the usual no frills coach service and anything you are offered you then pay for.

After an easy couple of hours we touch down in Paris and off quick we get through security and in to the baggage claim where Isaak is hanging around with his entourage. I go stealth and grab a couple of pic’s and not sure if he didn’t see me waving cause of his dark sunglasses but he doesn’t wave back and we grab our large cases and book a shuttle to transport us to our boutique hotel.

Like most people we have always fancied being in the Bourne series of movies and it seems by the way our driver is cutting through the Paris traffic that today is the day.
Glad to be alive we shake our way on to our feet and enter the beautiful Le Demeure hotel on 51 boulevard, Saint Marcel. The hotel is located south of the Seine in the Latin quarter and is well positioned for transport to all the Paris tourist destinations.
Our room is on the second floor and although boutique in size it is set out very well and the furnishings and bedding are first class.
Unpacked sort of we get out and have a walk about the local area and scope out the various eateries, metro station and restaurants before heading to a bar for a van rouge or two. We will get our tourist hats on tomorrow and have lots to do.

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