Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland

Halloween arrives as does the rain and outside looks particularly miserable and grey. This in a way is a good thing because it’s how we remember it whilst growing up before we moved to Australia.
The boys are up and getting breakfast before Harris goes to school and his two brothers stay home.
We decide to get our large amounts of luggage sorted out again as we fly to Paris tomorrow and pack our smaller cases for our time there. We hope to have better weather but it won’t really matter.
Job done we head out to a great, recommended by Hazel local cafe in Giffnock for lunch. The cafe is nice, very clean and serves up the usual dishes from an American inspired menu and is pretty busy.
With a free afternoon we head out to a part of the city that has seen a huge development with housing and a massive shopping centre attached to the development which is called Silverburn. We spend a while here wondering how all of these shops survive. We spend nothing but take the chance to grab some currency for heading south in to France and Italy. As we slowly drive out of our space to leave the car park an nutter driving way too fast almost wipes the front off the hire car but swerves and manages to miss us. He would have been at fault but our $1000.00 dollar excess would have been gone. After this near miss we drive back to the house and park the car and the next drive we have will be to,the airport tomorrow where we will drop it off again.


Tonight the kids are off to a Halloween party and we take the chance to get some Indian takeaway ordered and tuck in to a good curry with all the trimmings which gets delivered and scoffed without delay, bloody beautiful it was. The only interruption was quite a few trick or treaters knocking on the door providing jokes and one playing the chanter which is part of learning to play the bagpipes. The kids return from their party with heaps of sweeties and Halloween tat and it bath and bedtime for them and shortly after bedtime for the adults.

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