Edinburgh to Glasgow

Edinburgh to Glasgow

Moving day is here again and we rise fresh having had a solid sleep. The curtains are thrown open showing a sunny but crisp morning. We get the now familiar process of packing up, loading the car done before checking out and driving in to the Edinburgh traffic. Today we are heading back west to Glasgow a distance of about 50 miles and motorway all of the way. Arriving in to the city centre again to return the kilt I had hired from Slaters, a very old established business which still retains an old fashioned service with unlimited staff numbers who are masters in customer service. Job done we return to the car then navigate through the junkies to the ticket machine and buy a 2 hour ticket. We head for the bank to get some business done and to have some cash. This simple task ended up costing us an easy thirty minutes as the banks systems had gone down providing chaos as the residents of Glasgow voiced their feelings towards the poor staff members who through no fault of their own were on the receiving end of the barbs. We stay relaxed and enjoy some of the patter before getting what we came for, sort of but not all.

La Lanterna is a famous Italian restaurant in Glasgow and Kaz’s family have been visiting the place pretty much since it opened and a visit here was always a must.


We head to Hope Street and there it is not changed a bit and we head downstairs and go back in time again. We get seated and the staff confirm that the restaurant is still owned and run by the same family and appears to be going strong and in fact has been voted best Italian restaurant for a number of consecutive years. Kaz has fond memories of the lasagne here and compares all the others to Tony’s version which she orders and I go for the risotto both arrive piping hot and are washed down by a couple of large glasses of red wine. This fab moment is then wasted as I realise our parking ticket is about to expire due to the time wasted in the bank. I jump up and leave Kaz to pay the bill and walk/semi jog the one kilometre back to the car which my full stomach does not appreciated nor do the residents of the city as I carve a path through the crowd. I arrive back happy that thee is no parking fine on the car and wait for Kaz to make her way back in a more leisurely fashion. We head out of the city centre heading in to the east end where I was born and raised. We visit my sister Lynn for the last time and have a good laugh before saying our goodbyes and heading back to Newton Mearns to spend our last couple of days with Scott, Hazel and the their three boys before we fly to Paris on Wednesday. Hazel has worked wonders and the mountain of boxes have been semi sorted with only a few still to be opened. We are entertained for the evening by the three terrors before we all turn in and another day has disappeared very quickly.

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