Glasgow to Edinburgh

Part of the reason for coming to Europe was for the wedding of Kaz’s niece Lauren and her intended Chris.



Finally it’s Wedding day and we are up and dressed, kilt included and we head off to Edinburgh where we will stay for a couple of nights. We arrive at the holiday inn next to Edinburgh Zoo, check in very quickly and head immediately for Winton Castle the venue for the wedding.


Today being Saturday there is a lot of traffic as Glasgow Rangers are playing Hearts in the city and we do well to arrive at the castle just in time for the service to begin.

The service was really well planned and executed by the bride and groom with lots of personal touches included. Winton Castle is stunning and we are given a tour of some of the rooms including the honeymoon suite.
There was heaps of food provided and a band played in to the night for those not tired already. The service began at 1pm and eventually we called a taxi and left for the hotel about 10pm. We will visit Edinburgh tomorrow and do some tourist stuff in the cold but dry city.

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