Glasgow, Scotland

East Kilbride is a cold place this morning with a frost on all the trees and the car but the sun is shining and it looks like today will be a sunny and crisp day. John cooks up a stellar breakfast with the now regular square sausage accompanied by hot tea and coffee. It seems like we have only just arrived but it’s time to go already and we load our stuff in to the car and say our thanks and goodbyes.
We head out in to the cold morning driving the old back roads to Newton Mearns where Kaz was born and lived most of her life. On a whim we make a stop at the neighbours house to visit Ann McFadyen we knock on the door but sadly no one is at home and we have a look at the old house next door and drive off.

We are heading in to Glasgow today but leave the hire car at Kaz’s brothers house and walk round the corner where we hop on a double decker bus in to town.
The entire route the bus takes has not changed much, it’s like time stood still all the way to the city centre. It’s seems very strange to be back walking around like tourists taking photos of some landmark buildings, George Square and Sauchiehall Street amongst others.


We head in to one of our old haunts, a bar called The Counting House next to the square which we probably spent too much time in.


We are meeting an old friend Pat who Kaz studied with when she was 18 and have never lost contact with. Pat could talk the ears of a donkey or two and arrives with a huge smile and hugs us both tightly. Like pensioners the chat is of the old days, where we are now and as usual we sing the praises of Australia. Like speed dating our time is up too soon as Pat has a prior appointment and we say our goodbyes and promise to keep in touch.

As Pat leaves she tips us to go to a restaurant next door if we are having lunch and needing to eat we head in. The place is decorated beautifully with spectacular old features retained and feels pretty high end. We grab lunch with a nice bottle of red wine and relax for a bit. I noticed that the wine top was not left on the table and I ask for it to be returned as we will not finish the bottle. “Sorry, you are not allowed to take the bottle when you leave” she says, “aye right” says us and the bottle is in Kaz’s bag then having paid the bill we are off without an issue.
We walk the short distance to the Central Train Station and board a packed train back to Newton Mearns where we will stay for the night.


Scott and Hazel have just moved in to their new house and are generous in letting us stay with them considering that they have enough to do and three young boys to look after to boot.

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