After a great nights sleep without any noise or visitors we get packed up and back on the Nullarbor road by 7.15 am for our next drive.


Today we will do a long one of about 560 km which takes us back through two times zones as we cross the border in to South Australia.
The road itself is very good surface wise but the amount of dead Kangaroos is beginning to make us feel a bit sick. This morning after 2 hours the Kanga corpses are in hundreds, not a pretty sight but the Eagles and other birds are having a feast. We also had to slow down as we approached a police car with lights flashing at the scene of an accident. Looked like an old man had rolled his car, he had blood all over his head and his car and belongings were spread all over the place. As we travelled on we seen the ambulance and fire truck heading his way. Don’t know if he fell asleep, avoided and or hit a Kangaroo or maybe had a medical emergency and we will never find out.
After a couple of hundred km we pull in for fuel (1.76 a litre) and we meet the mother and son team travelling together.



We have a chat as usual about how their night was, where they stopped last night and where they were hoping to get to today. Turns out they are intending to be at the same place as us tonight whichever is a free rest stop the same as last nights. Like everyone else we discuss fuel price and consumption, we are all pretty happy as we are enjoying a tail wind and we are getting 15 litres per 100 km which is as good as it gets towing. Mother and son chatted to someone heading west in to a head wind and had seen 28-30 litres per 100 km ouch.
We drive a couple of time differences, the first being 45 mins followed by one hour 45 mins.

We motor on and reach our stop for the night and grab a good spot out of the wind blowing off the bight. We position the front of the and van in to the wind and I get tea made of chicken pasta with chorizo then turn in for the night.

Nullarbor 2

Except for a couple of road trains passing we sleep like logs and due to the time differences are not really sure of hat bloody time it really is. We have a big drive again today and will go,over in to South Australia. This will be a drive of about 450 km and we will end up at Streaky bay on the Eyre Peninsula. After yesterday’s roadkill mess today is the complete opposite and we see no dead things for the most part, a couple of snakes and that’s about it.
We pull in to the Great Australian Bight visitor centre.


We are astonished to get down to the ocean front where there are several whales including mothers with calfs just off the shore and they are so close we can here the noise of the whales like a wildlife program on the telly.

It is a real treat to see these giants just mucking about so close to the shore in what is a perfect morning. We spend an hour before getting back on the road.

We complete the Nullarbor crossing and arrive at Ceduna where we stop at the border and are relieved of two spud and an orange. We get in to,the information centre to get our “we crossed the Nullarbor certificate” but when we see it we decide not to bother as it not the best looking thing.

We motor on and finally arrive at Streaky Bay and get to the Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park which is the easily the best we have stayed in n our trip.


Even though the place is only nine months old the facilities are spotless and more akin to a hotel than a van park.


We had planned one night here but we may stay for two nights and motor back to Geelong still in plenty of time. Since we have been free camping on the way we get a washing done and hung out then go next door and get a few games of free pool where Kaz races to a three game lead before it ends three each, we will definitely pick up on this tomorrow. As the sun sets we head down to the private beach and take in yet another sunset with a bottle of Margaret River red and nibbles.


The sun sets and we get back and get tea on before watching telly which is strange as we have had no reception for days and knackered it’s bed time.

Nullarbor Time

Hyden to Esperance/Gibson Soak

Great relieved start to the day as the car started first time having sat overnight. We still have no idea why it chose to give us issues previously, as we approach the Nullarbor crossing it best not do it again.
Today we have a four hour drive which will take us just outside and to the north of Esperance. We will stop for a look around Esperance before heading north towards Norseman which is at the western end of the Nullarbor and will stay at The Gibson Soak Pub which lets you park for free. We had intended to get to Norseman via Kalgoorlie and visit the super pit but as we were freaked out by the mine at Tom Price and it would add another hour and a half to our travel, we chose Esperance.
The drive to the Soak is long and for the most part uneventful, we do have to avoid the usual wildlife on the road and the car gets absolutely smashed by huge groups of flys dive bombing in to the windscreen and front of both the car and van, disgusting and fly brain everywhere.
Arriving at the pub there are not many people parked but that is probably due to the schools returning this week.


There are no rules here and you can grab any spot you fancy then get set up. We choose to park just below a tree which will provide a bit of shade. We thought that was a great idea until a couple of Magpies arrived and started to swoop us. No worries though as we will sprint to the pub and hope the Magpies are asleep when we return.
Just to make sure it is free to park we get in to the pub which is a beauty with an open fire, pool table, TV and a great selection of food and booze.

The landlord confirms that there is no charge as long as we have our own power and water which we do. He made it free to park after asking the local shire for a caravan park license which was refused to protect the parks already set up in Esperance

All settled in we get straight back on the road and head in to have a look round Esperance which is really surprising and is actually quite a large town. There is a huge harbour area which seem to be a facility for loading boats for the mines.


In our research there was mention of a pink Lake and we head off in search of it. This takes a bit of time before we reach the huge lake but disappointingly it is not pink and in fact looks like any other lake.


To make it more annoying just about everything in the town begins with pink lake, like pink lake IGA etc. we are told the lake does turn pink but not at this time of year, that might be something to add for the tourists. Having had a good look about we head out of town and head north again to Gibson and as we arrive we can see there are quite a few more folks set up but luckily not close to our van.
Since we are allowed to stay here free of charge we reckon you should at least have a drink in the pub. We head in and the place is not very busy with a couple of locals propping up the bar. A glass of red for Kaz and a schooner for me, only 14.00 which I reckon is pretty good. We decide to eat here and we treat ourselves to a steak sandwich and a beef burger and again very good at $15.00 each. Fed and watered its back to the van and Sons of Anarchy series four now. We manage one and a half episodes before it’s lights out we hope for a great nights sleep.

Gibson Soak to Caiguna

We had an excellent sleep here last night and leave by 7.30 heading for the infamous Nullarbor crossing. It’s pretty cold here about 13 degrees and foggy but soon clears in to bright sunshine and the temperature eventually hits 35 very nice. Heading north first it takes us no time to reach the town of Norseman where we head in to the local information office and speak with a lovely lady who provides a map of the Nullarbor and talks us through how best to cross it safely.


Having got that sorted she then recommends a cafe in town where we can grab breakfast and great coffee. We take lovelies advice and scoff breakfast and coffees before we fuel up. We meet a couple who had stayed at Olive Hill Farm when we were there and like us loved it. They had booked one night but stayed for three. We then spoke to a guy driving a converted bus whilst towing a caravan. A bit strange but he had been travelling with his mother for four years and chase the sun as his mothers ailments can’t handle the cold. They both had houses and decided to sell them and travel Australia instead, he lives in the bus and mother lives in the caravan. Yep we were thinking the same STRANGE, but takes all sorts I suppose.
We leave the town and get some serious km under our belt.


The road is great and reasonably quiet except for the thunder of road trains speeding both ways providing the usual shock wave. The road is also where Kangaroos come to commit suicide as the road is littered with various bits and pieces of skippy and family. We will have to get both the van and car steam cleaned as it both have to be covered in roadkill stew. Having covered just over 500 km we pull in to our overnight stop which is just a windy desolate bit of dirt off the main highway with no facilities but hey for the second night it is free. We are joined by several other vans taking a rest for the night and amusingly the local birds take delight in feeding on all the bug and meat roadkill stuck to our car and van. The chains on the van look like they were used to murder someone and are splattered with roo blood. We are glad to have our ensuite and solar power here and both have a great shower before darkness falls and we hope none knocks on our door overnight.

Olive Farm to Fremantle – Perth – Wave Rock

Leaving day arrives and sometimes we pretty happy to be leaving certain places but not on this occasion. We could easily have stayed here for a couple of weeks, it really was that good and we plan to return here when we get the time.

Today we are heading north again and we get on the road later than we usually would, in fact we were actually over our time and leave at 10.20 am.

With no issues we arrive at the Discovery Woodman Point in Fremantle, we get a pretty tight site next to an older couple of chain smokers and get set up.

We then head out of the park in to downtown Fremantle where we cruise around checking the place out and trying to find somewhere to park.

Having found a good spot and taking advice we head to Cappuccino walk which seems to be the centre of the action with lots of coffee shops and loads of pubs and restaurants. We head in to the market which is very similar to Paddy’s Market in Sydney and has all the usual tatt and we walk round but don’t buy anything. With not a lot else here we head back to the park and tonight is Pizza night cooked on the Webber stone and a couple of coldies.
We then get entertained by the chain smokers who are having a massive bust up not only with each other but also with a couple of people on their phones, this went went on for quite a while until the phones were hung up and peace was restored.

The following morning (Saturday) we plan to head to Perth and in to the hills to Bedfordale where Martin and Nicola Rock have generously offered us a parking spot with the van at their property.

For a few days I have had a painful right eye and had got some cream and a saline wash for it from the Pharmacy but it was not improving things, Kaz found a local doctors surgery and we get in where the doctor seems to be enjoying messing about with the sore eye before getting on the inter web and showing horrendous infected eye photos. He seemed to enjoy our reaction to these pic’s then takes a swab of the eye and prescribes more creams, one of which has to be in the eye, the other around the outside.


He also tells us to keep applying in the eye the cream from the Pharmacy. As you can imagine I am not loving this news then he tells us this must be applied five times a day!! He then says we should make an appointment for seven days from now where the swab results would be back. We of course tell him that we will be in the middle of the Nullarbor at that time to which he replies that he will call and provide the results and if it gets any worse we need head straight to a hospital. Not sure if that will be possible on the Nullarbor but I hope not to need to do that.

With the medical issues dealt with we get back on the road and head to Bedfordale high in the hills above Perth. We arrive without issue and meet Martin at Rock towers where Kaz has the challenge of reversing the van up the sloping driveway and in to the rear of the property which she does like a boss.
We set up the van before entering the beautiful house which is a very strange thing for us as we have not set foot in a house for months and feels kind of strange for some reason. We have a great chat before Martin offers me a ride in his V8 powered Ford Popular Hotrod and I don’t need to be asked twice.


We get out and enjoy cruising around effortlessly in this car which Martin built himself. I hope to return the favour in my Anglia Hotrod if Martin gets to visit Geelong.
In addition to luxurious surrounding Nicola serves up some delicious food and we have another weird moment of sitting at a dining table in a house. Before we know it it’s bed time and we retire to our van and have great nights sleep. We had planned to visit John Thomson in Perth who is another guy who is building a Ford Popular Hotrod but unfortunately we just ran out of time due to my eye none sense.
The following morning we are up and get packed up early ready to leave and head east. We say our goodbyes and hit the road. Today we will drive three hundred km and stay just outside of a town called Hyden which is home to the iconic Wave Rock.
On the way we do the usual and fuel up and a bit further on stop at the famous Stumpys Roadhouse where we grab some breakfast.


Back on the road and only an hour to go, we decide to swap to me driving. We pull in and adjust the mirrors and drivers seat for me before turning the key and nothing. The car refuses to start and we are in the middle nowhere and have no idea why the bloody thing has decided to go no further. We call Mitsubishi roadside assist and manage to get them to know where we are to send someone out to start the car and she says they will let us know if and when they find someone. We decide to get our jump leads out and attempt to stop a passing car and get back on the road. Having waved at a few cars who look at us as if we are robbers waiting to pounce and drive past us, I wave to a car heading in the opposite direction who pulls in and without question and provides us a jump start. We attach the cables and bang the car bursts in to life and having given a massive thanks to the guy we are back on the road road to Hyden.
We arrive at Tressies caravan park which has a five star rating on WikiCamps and having checked in realise why, the facilities here are spotless. They also have a collection of vintage rust.

Set up fast we head out to visit Wave Rock which was on our to do list. It was put on the world map when a photo of the rock was entered in to and won a competition in New York in 1963. We drive the short distance and pay our dues to enter the park and get our first look at the famouse site.


The thing is huge and there is a lot more to it then just the wave, see the pics for an idea of what we mean. We spend about 2 hours here before heading back to base to get tea on and five o’clock cocktails then all too fast another day has disappeared.

A Bigger Update

Heading to Margaret River

All packed and fuelled up early and in to rush hour Perth traffic whose drivers would find it funny having a caravan in this nose to tail line. Interesting that the train is running in the centre of the freeway. Once we get to the southern end of the city our lanes become much quieter and we cover the 282 kms in about three and a half hours.

In Margaret River we will be staying at Olive Hill Farm which is a short drive in to the town and a fantastic base for visiting the many vineyards this area is famous for. Check it out at olive hill
There are only ten sites here and each one is huge, the only stipulation is that you have to be self powered and have your own water and toilet which is perfect for us and it’s a bargain only $7.50 per person per night. If we were staying in the farm b&b this starts at $150.00 per night. The farm is owned by a couple Benji and Helen who moved from the borders of Scotland ten years ago and bought the place without even having a visa to live in Australia. This would not have been a problem though as Benji is a Farmer and Helen is a Vet.


Once we get set up we head off to visit a few celery doors and do some wine tasting.

First up is the Howard Park vineyard which has beautiful manicured grounds and is home to a wine that we have been drinking on this trip called Madfish it’s an easy to drink fruity red and we get in and sample some of their heavier aged reds which are not so nice and pretty expensive. I say we but today I am the driver and Kaz is the taster, We will swap roles tomorrow. We buy five bottles of our favourite which is not the one we have been drinking and is probably a nicer wine.


Next we drive a short distance and arrive at the Peace Tree estate which is a much smaller family owned winery and host Ben has a more welcoming style than the larger estates.


He fills us in on the history of the place and the fact that they have a more organic style of growing, using much less chemicals. As is normal he starts with the whites but we would rather get straight to the reds as when Kaz drinks white she ends up with a blocked sinuous. Ben lets us try a white which was developed for his mother who has the same issue and swears it has cured her of the problem. This might be good sales patter but we buy a bottle to give it a try and also another red.

Winery three next and this one also sells nougat in every flavour you could imagine which we do not go near as we don’t want to risk thee fillings in our teeth being pulled out. Although this is also quite a small place the vibe is not that welcoming although it is getting to the end of the day and they no doubt are clock watching. Kaz tries a couple but is not impressed by them and we leave without spending much time here.

Now about four thirty we squeeze in one more with a visit to Hayden estate again in really nice grounds and are met by Mary of Irish decent who we reckon is like the last place and getting ready to close at five.


Kaz has a couple but we don’t buy any and decide to get back to base.

The owners of the farm sell a range of organic produce and actually come round to each site to show the products and offer the chance to buy some. We grab some fillet steak, bacon, eggs and some fantastic smoked cheese, one of which is has chilli through it. And both are magnificent. We ask if he has any haggis as a joke but he replies that he is developing some which we can try for free as long as we provide honest feedback. This is only because we are Scottish and so know what great haggis should taste like. One of the two we get has a bit more oats in it and should be the best we reckon but we might get a surprise and we shall see tomorrow when we cook it up.

As darkness falls the place is pitch black and silent except for the wildlife doing their thing and is bliss. There are only three other groups here one of which is long term and works with the owners in return for free accomodation and the other two are couples with very quiet dogs. Tonight we have Sons of Anarchy series three to watch and a wee glass of red of course.

Margaret River

After a great sleep helped by the absolute peace and quiet overnight we rise reasonably late and have a great breakfast with bacon, square sausage and eggs on the Webber. Within the farm there is a fantastic walk through some amazing grounds with huge tall trees where lots of cows watch as you go through to Margaret River itself which the property sits on. The walk is a delight and all we have to do is follow the ribbons tied to the trees to ensure we don’t get lost. We will definitely come back in summertime for a swim.

Today Kaz is the Skipper (driver) and I have the tough job of wine tasting at a few cellar doors. Not planned but stop at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory which we had been to on a previous trip and nothing has changed, there are still buckets of free chocolate which we get in to before trying some truffle.


We then get back on the road and arrive at the Yallingup Cheese Company which is really amazing with lots of tasters including crackers with the cheeses and we stock up on a few before we finally arrive at a winery.


This one being the Aravina Estate which had beautiful gardens and a collection of classic cars in a hall at the rear of the property and after trying everything we were allowed, in what must be said, was the smallest drop of wine I have ever seen, we ended up with a couple of nice ones purchased.


We then moved on a short distance to the Rivendell Vineyard which had the largest collection of Golliwogs we have seen in a long time. We get in to some tasting and the measure here is considerably larger than the previous one.


We are given a fantastic summer white which is really good then it’s the reds and the measures continue in size which probably helps with the purchases we make and we get quite a few here. As we plan to do some more, we look at the time and it is now 3.40 pm what the hell and so scale back our plan as they all close at 5 pm. We head in to one on a whim but the place looks deserted and we just drive back out and eventually get to the Island Brooke Estate which is a bit less grand.


We are given a strange welcome by a huge Turkey dancing around us strutting it’s stuff with all of its feathers rustling like a bush in the wind.


There are also heaps of ducks around and a dog which wanders in and gives us a dog fix. This place is more of a boutique winery with a smaller range but the measures are very nice and each wine is really good and we add some more to our luggage and with no more time left head back to base. As we arrive back we can see that everyone is around the communal fire pit having drinks and since we missed the invite get straight in there and get chatting. We also get the chance to meet Helen who owns the place with hubby Benji. We have a great chat as usual about Scottish stuff and the fact we have haggis to try tonight and give some feedback. We spend a while here and then get back and cook up the haggis made by Benji and have to say both of the ones given to us were bloody great. Kaz preferred the one with more oats and I liked them both, although if I was pushed I would like a mixture of them both together. As we tucked in and scoffed the haggis we could here bagpipes in the distance as Benji played several tunes on his pipes giving the haggis a nice wee Scottish vibe. Amazingly now darkness has fallen and another day is nearly done. We have no idea how that occurred so fast and as usual we are knackered. We will stay here one more night before we head back north to Perth to meet some friends.

Margaret River

Beautiful morning here nice and sunny with no wind just the noises of the animals and bird life. As a treat we head in to Margaret River and have breakfast in a cafe for a change then have a walk up and down the street at all the various shops which are a bit old school and different to most of the high streets around now.
Last night Helen, one of the owners of the farm suggested a winery for us if we like red wine.


Today we waste no time heading to Brown Hill vineyard where we meet the owner Gwen who is a real character and also pours a cracking taster of all the reds on offer which is a change from the teaspoon I copped the other day. There is another couple of people from Sydney and a group of three and it turns in to a real good laugh and for some reason everyone reckons they have Scottish ancestry. One of the three married an Australian whose father was a Scot and her daughter had just returned from being in Scotland on a tour. All the wines on offer are superb and we end up buying an assorted case which will be shipped home which saves us carrying it around and also stops us drinking it before we get back.
Next stop on the tour is the Berry Hill Farm which has fantastic gardens and also a fab restaurant which serves high tea type amongst all the other lunch offerings. We scoff on scones with jam and cream of course then we make our way back to the farm and get ready for leaving tomorrow. With that job completed we decide to visit the pub/brewery round the corner.


The Colonial Brewing Company brews several beers and also has an outlet in Port Melbourne, Victoria. We grab a couple of their Colonial Draught beers and order up some short ribs and a bowl of fries to go with it. The short ribs were just amazing, cooked perfectly and with a Jus which was both sticky, so sweet and we would have eaten a second lot. We then sit watching a group of lambs play chase me which goes on for quite a while then it’s back to the van for a few episodes of Sons Of Anarchy then lights out. Tomorrow we will head to Fremantle for one night then move over to Perth for one more night.

A Wee Update


Bacon and eggs breakfast makes a great start to a day. This park is packed out and people are being squeezed very close to each other. We can’t complain as we spoke to a couple from Switzerland at our last place and they said they tried to book in and were told no vacancy. This makes for good people watching as some people are not too happy. This morning a large motor home arrived to move in to a space still occupied as check out is 10am so they had to wait until the folks in the space exited, this didn’t occur until two minutes to ten.
We are quite surprised with Kalbarri as it’s pretty nice with lots of services and sits on the water with great walks and fishing. Today we plan on doing no touring, instead we will just give the van a wee spruce and kick back and relax. We will be back on the road tomorrow where we will head for the town of Port Denison as we head south to Perth.

Kalbarri to Port Denison

After a good rest yesterday we are up and packed up but this time we don’t leave straight away as every morning across the road the local pelicans get a feed. We head over and so far we only see two pelicans one of which must be the boss man as he is huge and has the other one scared stiff. More and more people arrive and form a huge circle which boss pelican walks in to the middle of and spends time staring at the gathered crowd. A third pelican then arrives and is another small one.


A lady then arrives bucket in hand and throws a few pieces of fish to each pelican then launches in to a long talk of the history of the feeding which apparently has been going on for a long number of years. This turns in to a very long story which we are not here for and decide to bale and get on the road.
In no time we have arrived in Port Denison at what is just a road stop, there is nothing that we have planned on doing here. The park is a Top Tourist park and we are lucky that we phoned and booked as it is now full. We get allocated a pretty good spot although it is next to the jumping pillow, no worries though as there are only a couple of kids on it and we are near the exit for a sharp getaway tomorrow and that’s when it happens, three separate groups arrive and set up next to us but the kicker is they all know each other and collectively it seems they have about twenty children who race to the jumping pillow and so begins the screaming and shouting which will not stop until the pillow is turned off about six pm. We are in luck though as there is a pub round the corner and happy hour starts at four thirty. Not sure about you but I don’t like a mullet haircut on kids. We decide to get our bikes off the van and get the hell out of there for some peace. The town sits on the ocean and as such is pretty nice but there are not many people out and about and we cycle around without seeing another soul. We cycle about ten k’s then figure it is close enough to happy hour and we best get back.

We arrive back and discover that there are even more people in the child rearing group and the pillow is packed. One of the fathers has something we have never seen, a studded neck. Yep, studs on the back of his neck, along with other piercings and earrings etc, each to their own I suppose.
The pub is pretty good and we grab a couple of coldies and then end up eating here as well which turns out to be very good and having had our fill and darkness has fallen we walk the short distance to the park. It is lucky for us the pub was so close as we get in the van, close the door and a heavy burst of rain arrives and we would have got drenched, then it’s a bit of trash TV and lights out.

Port Denison to Numbung Station

Morning arrives and we are glad to be leaving, we waste no time getting hooked up as the masses start to gather for their group breakfast. Today we are on our way to The Nambung Station which is about 300 k’s south and is a working farm on about 300,000 acres, so plenty of room. The drive is pretty easy, so much so that Kaz drives the whole way and we arrive having navigated a red dirt road for the last 10 k’s which is the best dirt type road we have encountered.

We have chosen to stay here as it backs on to the the Nambung National Park which is home to the world famous Pinnacles which were definitely on our must see list. The farm itself has thousands of cattle, sheep, not so many horses, alpacas, donkeys and one dog strangely. We thought there would be a bunch of Border Collies to give us a doggie fix but one dog will do.


Having set up we head off to visit The Pinnacles and also to locate a pub where we can watch the AFL Grand Final tomorrow.

The big local town of Cervantes has a great pub and we head in and check it out. The place has four big screen tv’s which are perfect for the grand final tomorrow. We take a look at the menu and decide to hang around and have lunch before heading to the Pinnacles. We drive to the Nambung park and pay our $12.00 entry fee. We take the 4K drive which is like an obstacle course with lot’s of places to pull in for photo’s and walkabouts. The Pinnacles themselves are thousands of ancient limestone pillars which seem to rise out of the shifting sand in a random, scattered fashion and are pretty amazing. Having completed the drive we get in to the 1.2 km walk, grab some pic’s then head in to the interpretative display centre which has some really cool photos, a bit of history and a couple of theories of what the Pinnacles are, how old and how they came to be.

Getting back to the station just in time for feeding of a couple of lambs, Sonia the manager gives myself and Kaz the milk to feed them.


Now the lambs may look small but when they spot that bottle they are very strong and once locked on they will not let go until the last drop is gone but it was a great laugh.

We then move on to the donkeys, horse, sheep and alpacas who grab anything offered although the alpacas look as they will spit on you every time their ears drop.
On the property there is a huge fire pit which gets lit for everyone to gather round for a yarn but we don’t fancy getting coverd in smoke and retire to watch Vikings on our hard drive before it’s lights out.

Grand Final Day

We are on the go early today as we are taking a tour of the Pinnacles from the property we are staying at with Sonia. We will tour the huge grounds of the farm on a four wheel drive buggy with one other family.


To tour the Pinnacles from this side in a private tour is something special as from this side there are no masses of footprints and no one else here but our tiny tour group and we see the Pinnacles from a whole new perspective and Sonia points out some things we would never have spotted.

The tour is meant to be two hours long but Sonia gets a bit carried away and we get back at eleven thirty and dive in the car to drive to the pub for the final. Luckily we make it in good time and the pub is pretty busy most fans supporting the Tigers. I have one drink as I am today’s driver and once again we have a lovely lunch whilst watching the game.
On returning to the camp there have been a few arrivals and there is a good fire on the go. We decide to be sociable and get chatting to a group of folks from Perth who are a bit posh but one of the guys seems down to earth and we have a bit of a laugh with him. A bit later on a Chinese couple with a boy of about four appear out of nowhere in to the camp. They have no car and then tell a story of how they were following Google maps which directed them to use a track which we knew about but didn’t use as it for wheel drives only and we had not dropped our tyre pressures. This poor couple who had hired a camper van were not so fortunate and attempted to use said track and got bogged pretty fast and had then proceeded to walk the rest of the track in to the farm. They then proceeded to call for a recovery truck which will cost them a bloody fortune and might mean an end to their trip. We retired to our van and left the posh people to help them out.

Nambung Station to Perth

Watched yet another sunrise then cooked breakfast before getting on the road nice and early.


A pretty easy drive this morning as we make our way to Perth. After an uneventful drive we reach the city and are brought back form our country vibe as as we get on to the freeway and see people driving like maniacs as usual. The closer we get to our destination the happier we are and we leave the freeway and arrive at our new base for the next couple of days. We chose this place as the Pajero which was serviced just before we left is now due another service. This means we have driven over 15000 kms in three months. We get booked in at the park office and a guy arrives on a buggy and takes us round a few sites which we can choose from and we select a site far from the jumping pillow, sand pit and play park. The site is a huge slab with room for the van and car and it’s also extremely clean with great facilities.
Once set up we head out for a drive to Scarborough beach and just as we set foot on the sand we hear a siren wailing, a chopper in the air with siren sounding and a bunch of life guards telling everyone to get out of the water. Turned out there was a 4.5 metre shark near the beach and as such the beach was closed for the day.

This place is on the up with 75 million being spent transforming the waterfront area. We have a good walk around then head back to the camp. Like another camp we stayed at there is a wood fired pizza van here and we grab one for our tea. We then have a Vikings night again with a couple of episodes before lights out.

Karrinyup – Perth

Today we are up early and on the freeway heading for Pace Mitsubishi for the service to be carried out. We ask the service guy Daniel if we can get a lift back to the park and then to be collected later to get the car or we joke you could just give us a car for the day to which Daniel replies “might be better” and hands us the keys to a new Triton ute for the day, result. This gives us time to head for Yanchup park where we can do some walking with koalas in the trees and lots of walking trails.

We spend a large part of the day here then head back to Scarborough beach where we grab lunch before returning to collect the Pajero and getting back to the park. Tomorrow we will head to Margaret River where we will stay at a farm and use or own solar power and water tanks again. The farm only has ten spots so we are lucky to get in for a couple of days while we visit some of the fantastic vineyards in this area.