Aviemore to Glasgow


Another day another place. Packed up ready to leave on our way back to Glasgow we check out and pay the stupid electric bill of about £12.00.

After a couple of hours we arrive in to Glasgow city centre where I will collect a kilt which I have hired for Lauren and Chris’s wedding this Saturday at Winton Castle, Edinburgh. I decided not to bring mine as it would add a lot of weight to our already heavy luggage.
Job done with everything fitting as intended we head off to my sisters house in the east end of the city where we meet a couple of my Nieces for the first time. Freya and Lucy are a couple of live wires and great fun with endless energy and laughter which will keep everyone busy for years to come. Interestingly Lynns house is built on the ground of our old school where we both attended John Street Secondary.



Our great old friends Helen & John Black have generously invited us to stay at their house tonight (and any more nights) and we leave the east end and head for the town of East Kilbride where we lived for a number of years. East Kilbride was a relatively new town when we left and seems to have grown since we last lived there. Like old times we head off to the local pub and have a feed and a couple of drinks before heading back to the house for a much overdue catch up where time flys and before we know it, bed time arrives and we turn in knackered as usual.

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