Glasgow to Aviemore


After another great sleep we are up and ready for a busy day. Karen’s niece Hazel has generously offered to drive us out to Glasgow airport where we are collecting a hire car for the duration of the Scottish leg of the trip.
This morning the rain is falling but the forecast is for this to stop by lunchtime. Hazel navigates the morning traffic and in no time we arrive at the hire car area. We get the usual offers to upgrade the car to an Audi wagon with leather etc but we don’t care and only take what we ordered.


Interestingly we are offered roadside assistance this is due to the fact that the car has no spare wheel !! This is a built in rip off as we have no choice but to ensure we are not left stranded somewhere and this is at a cost of £7.50 a day, shame on that company.
We load the car up with all our luggage, head out in to the Glasgow traffic after 13 years.
Myself and Kaz met 36 years ago in a small fishing village called Lochinver which sits on the extreme west coast of Scotland and today we will head back there via the town of Aviemore which is a ski resort in the Scottish Highlands which we lived in for a couple of years.
We clear the city traffic, head north and are soon in to some amazing scenery which we certainly have missed. Having completed our trip in Australia we are amazed at how small Scotland is as in to time we are driving through Stirling with the castle and Wallace monument in full view and on through the stunning Perthshire countryside and as it is autumn/winter the colours are beautiful.

We motor on and find ourselves taking a photo every two minutes. A great stop on the way north is the town of Pitlochry which is a picture perfect town and is a fantastic reflection of Scotland. We find a great little cottage type cafe for lunch. There is only one dish I am after and I am pleased to see it on the menu “Haggis” with neeps (turnip) and tatties. Kaz gets in to another dish we have missed, breaded prawns called scampi.
The dishes arrive and they don’t disappoint, we tuck in and swap plates for a couple of minutes and before long both plates are cleared, superb.
We get back in the car and continue north to Aviemore which we reach after a very short drive compared to the drives we covered touring Australia. Interestingly the road has lots of speed cameras and point to point versions but there is not one sign informing the driver what the speed limit is on the road and as I guess it is 70 miles an hour which is the national speed limit, I may have speeding tickets placed on my UK license.

We are staying at the Dalfabar Country Club at the north end of the town and have a two bedrooms apartment complete with a sauna.

With the temperature dropping we run round turning on all the panel heaters, sauna and water heater before lighting the log fire. With the heat increasing I sit down and read through the conditions of our stay and get a shock when I read that when we depart we will have an electricity bill to pay for the duration of our stay. We quickly run round and turn off everything we turned on, especially the Sauna and the panel heaters which are notorious for using heaps of electricity and producing not much heat. With the log fire glowing, heating up the room we settle in with a nice glass (bottle) of red and watch some trash TV.


Tomorrow we will drive to Lochinver and turn the clock back 36 years.

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