Aviemore to Lochinver

This morning is pretty cold and the car has a thin covering of ice on it. We remember this all too well and certainly have not missed it having moved to Australia. We find that we have stuffed up as in our rush to turn of the switches we left one which was in the conservatory and has been on all night. At least we have a warm room this morning to have a heat in.
Another Scottish food we have misses is the Plain or Square loaf of bread with lovely crusts and at the start and end of the loaf there is always a fatter slice which when toasted and smothered in butter is to die for. This becomes our breakfast and we will revisit this event as we travel.


On the road again we head north passing the capital of the Highlands, the city of Inverness and later the town of Ullapool where the ferries sail to the Stornaway.



As we leave Ullapool the scenery is absolutely stunning and we stop several times to take it in. The weather is the classic Scottish mix of mist, rain followed by bright sunshine, this creates amazing vistas through the mountains and glens. It’s strange that we have swapped roadkill of Kangaroos etc in Australia for Stags and Pheasants in Scotland. We motor on and arrive in Lochinver which has one Main Street, a pier for the fishing boats and the Culag hotel,where myself and Kaz met 36 years ago.

We visit some of the old places but whatever feeling we thought there might be it didn’t really happen but we ticked the bad and are happy to head out and back to


On the way south we stop in Ullapool for lunch before continuing down via Inverness and arrive back in Aviemore. This time we head for the Cairngorm mountains and drive up what we call the Ski road.



We get to the base of the mountain where there is now a railway which takes skiers to the runs but we have a walk around the areas we know well from all those years ago and we find it strange that we now live in Australia and are back as overseas tourists. With the freezing wind in our ears we head back down the mountain taking some pictures of the scenery with a great view of Loch Morlich. Arriving back to the country club we are not happy that the logs we ordered for the fire have not been delivered and we face a wee chilly highland night.

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