Glasgow, Scotland

After yesterday’s travel, last night we slept pretty good. Asleep by ten thirty and awake again about three but not for long and slept until about 8am.
We head up to the local shopping centre where we need to get some business done that we are unable to do from Australia but on the way we stop off at a local cafe and order up a full Scottish breakfast which has all the foods that will narrow the arteries and lead to an early death but boy does it taste good.
Banking sort of done, we have to go back tomorrow for a very stupid reason not worth going in to but a waste of time.
We get down to the train station and jump the train straight in to the city centre and head for Slaters menswear where I get measured for a full dress kilt for the wedding taking place in The Edinburgh on Saturday. The guys in this place are really good and the whole exercise takes about thirty minutes and we will return to have a final fitting on Thursday. With all that out the way we get over to a bar where we are meeting up with two of my sisters one older and the other one the baby of the family and as usual it’s reminiscing for hours and having a few drinks to go with it. Before too long we have to leave as we are invited to Kaz’s brothers house for dinner and we leave the pub in to a horrible rainy night to make our way to central station and on to the train heading for Giffnock. We are,lucky to have dinner prepared for us and we scoff the food and Barry drops us back to our hotel where we crash asleep very quickly.

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