Melbourne to Glasgow Scotland

This morning we crawled out of be very early 1.30 am Melbourne time and said goodbye to our dogs again. They must be wondering what is going on as we have only been back for a few days. We load our bags in to the car and arrive at Melbourne airport without issue although we do wonder what people on the roads are doing in the middle of the night. We find a parking spot in the long term car park and after five minutes the free bus arrives and takes us round to the terminal. We are flying with Emirates and have upgraded to business class for the first flight which is 14 hours long and will be followed by another seven from Dubai to Glasgow.


We check in and are pleased to be allocated row 6 just behind first class. We don’t hang around, get through security and down to the boarding gate. We have the pleasure of not only getting on first but also turning left on entering the plane. A couple of people tried to follow us on and were told that economy had not been called yet. It must be the way we don’t exactly dress up to fly 14 hours.
Once on board we are escorted to our seats which are 2 pods which convert to flat beds and we also have 17 inch tv’s and are given a set of noise cancelling headsets, socks, eye masks and ear plugs. We are also given his and hers bags with face creams and perfume/aftershaves from Bvlgari. Having settled in we are offered and accept a nice glass of chilled champagne. We have a look through the menus with main dishes being served for lunch and dinner but there are also more dishes that can be requested throughout the flight. This of course includes drinks which can be ordered anytime.
Champagne glass empty and we are ready for take off and as we do I suddenly don’t feel great and a steward spots me not looking to good and as he walks towards me I pass out and end up unconscious. I am then put on oxygen until I return to a normal state. This is now the second time on long haul flights this has happened but unlike the last one where I fell back on to the floor, I stay seated. The thing that came to my mind was, I hope I am allowed to have the food and drinks offered but this was soon put to rest as I scoffed on a nice glass of red and tucked in to some food. Apparently I have very low blood pressure and a slow pumping heart, a great combination.
We both watch a movie are then served fantastic food and recline the chairs in to flat beds and sleep for a few hours. Once awake we are served more food and drinks and again return to watch more movies and TV programs.
As we approach the end of the flight in to Dubai the staff provide us with fast pass cards which means when we get to the terminal we only have to show this card and can proceed straight in to the terminal to make our next flight and our bags were already forwarded and we only have to collect once we arrive in Glasgow.
The next flight brings us down to earth with a bump, we are back in the cattle class with crying babies and no luxuries. Oh well at least this one is only seven hours. We try to change seats as we are not sitting together and Kaz is scared that if I go unconscious again no one will take notice and I may be a flying corpse. The staff tell us as the flight is fully booked there is no way we can be moved and we seperate in to our respective seats. I luck out as I have a Chinese (I think) lady with a kid of about six sitting next to me. Although i must say my luck ran out deep in to the flight when after having our meal China girl fell asleep and turned in to a farting firecracker and I go for the record of how long a person can hold their breath before death occurs.
I thank my lucky stars that she didn’t have access to unlimited food and drinks.
We both mange a couple of hours sleep on this flight and in no time we land in Glasgow where we have gone from 100 degrees in Dubai to 35 degrees in Glasgow but hey the surprise is, it is not raining yet. Pretty sure this will change as the forecast is for the usual dreary weather of overcast and light to moderate rain.
We grab our bags, clear customs and step out back in Glasgow after leaving over 13 years ago. Scott (nephew) of Kaz collects us and delivers us at our hotel for the next couple of days, we drag our cases to the room and off to sleep again after a long, long day.

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