Last Days

Port Augusta to Adelaide

Well last night was pretty peaceful with only one car driving in then out again in the middle of the night. Today the road trip continues as we head to Adelaide where we hope to find some Scottish food to export to Victoria or at least eat some if we can find it. It’s an easy drive of about 300 km and we will stop on the way in Port Wakefield on the east side of the Spencer Gulf for a look around and swap drivers, engine running this time. In Adelaide we will stay at the Levi Park caravan park in Vale Park which is close to the city.

Arrived in Adelaide without issue and set up and off in to the city. There is a bar restaurant here called The Rob Roy Hotel which has in the past had good old Scottish food on its menu and we hope to pig out on it and block some arteries for old times sake.


We finally get parked having mucked about for ten minutes looking for a spot, walk round the corner and in to the hotel where we excitedly grab a menu and both of us have the same look on our face, there is no Scottish food on this menu ??


The trade description people will be hearing from me for sure.

To recover from the shock we have to settle for the other Scottish pastime, drinking.

The menu is a bit boring but the food we ordered was really good. Mini nachos to share, Kaz had the steak sandwich and I had the chicken burger with chipotle sauce.

Deflated we head back to base and attack the river walk at the rear of the camp. It’s a bit like the Barwon river but not as good. It really needs some snake or croc warning signs to make it a bit more interesting. We do a loop around and cover about 7km before returning to base and start to get ready for leaving next morning.

Adelaide to Dimboola, Victoria

Well it’s a funny kinda day as tonight will be our last stop on the Australian part of our Journey. We will stay at a small town just over the border in Victoria called Dimboola. First we stop at a spot with some painted silos which are amazing.



We then arrive at the camp site which is really spacious with spotless facilities.


This towns highlight is the Pink Lake,

now regulars will know we tried to find a pink lake in Esperance, Western Australia which was a waste of time but this time we are very surprised that the promised pink lake is actually pink. It really is quite striking and is made up of salt and algae. The beauty is that it is only 10 km from our Dimboola base. The camp site here is huge and only has a handful of people staying, mostly oldies so it should be a quite night. We try to help the local communitiie by having a drink in the pub but the pub is closed and won’t open until later.
We fuel up ready for our last drive to Geelong and get back to base.

When we started the trip Kaz brought along a nice bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne which will be opened on our last night.
Now having chilled it for four months we pop the cork and celebrate the Australian leg of the trip and look forward to the European leg to come.


We will head off early tomorrow and be back home around lunchtime where our two Border Collies Shana and Max will be surprised to see us having been spoiled by the lovely Rebecca for months.

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