Streaky Bay to Port Augusta

Streaky Bay to Port Augusta

Got up packed up and on the road to Port Augusta by 8.30am where we will have a drive of about 400 km. First 200 by me and Kaz will drive the rest.


Beautiful morning here and we motor pretty fast due to very little Saturday morning traffic. All going well we pull in to do our driver swap and a cereal breakfast. Then Kaz turns the key and click, nothing and for the second time the bloody thing won’t start. Luckily this time we are in a service station and looking around we spot our victim who we will ask to provide us a jump start. I walk up to a white Commodore and set to ask for the aforementioned jump I look inside at the person who is a white woman who has to be in her late 80’s. Now that being bad enough, she only has one eye!! Wtf. Since we are desperate I ask her and she says “sure” and then says “but you should drive my car over as I am scared I would hit yours”. I reply “I’m sure it will be fine” and I make sure that we are both not in front of her as she drives over and I wave her and double check that she is in park and the handbrake is on. I ask her to open the bonnet and the look she gave me told me that this was something she had never considered before now. I pop the bonnet, connect the leads and bang the bloody Pajero bursts in to life just like the last time.
Now the only problem is to make sure Daisy is in reverse and her handbrake is off. This is not as easy as it sounds as she grapples with the gear shifter whilst revving the Commodores engine. She eventually finds reverse and then asks if there is anything behind her before backing up and strangely leaving the servo without buying fuel or even getting out of her car. Poor thing forgot what she drove in for probably and will no doubt run out of fuel before getting home.
Good news for us is we are back on the road and arrive in Port Augusta just after two. Strange kind of place as this is Saturday but the place is dead, this might be as we are slightly out of town where we are staying in another almost free camp. This one is only $7.00 and very glamorous, the car park at the rear of the Central Augusta Football & Community Sporting Club where tonight is presentation night so expect the decibels to rise in to the night.


As we are setting up, right behind us we hear exchanges of gunfire and don’t know wether to run or hit the deck. We then see the sign that in fact behind us across the road is a firing range and there are two cops enjoying themselves shooting their pistols at various targets.


Just as they are driving off they pull in a poor caravaner who only has one brake light and it looked like they wrote him out a ticket. He then messed about and managed to get his lights all working again, ouch.
So far there are about seven vans and three motor homes parked up and everyone is so far very quiet. Tonight we will leave the van attached to the Pajero and plan to leave here pretty early. Tomorrow we will do the same number of km and will end up in Adelaide for the night as we continue our travel back to Geelong. Three states in just under one week, that’s a big effort.

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