Streaky Bay, South Australia

A nice easy start today and the first day for a while where we are not on the road. Today will be our last day here we have decided. We head up to the office to book one more night and are told that the site we are on has been booked by someone and if we want to stay we have to move sites. For an easy life we agree and move to a site directly across from the one we are on now!!
The people around us can’t quite believe it as they watch us move about ten yards to the other side.
Having risen late, then had breakfast we head off in to Streaky Bay which a great town that sits right on the water with great pier which we walk along and watch the cormorants drying out their wings. Amazingly there are a couple of kids in swimming in the freezing water.


Tonight we are booked on to the courtesy bus from the camp to the local pub in time for happy hour and we head over and check it out. It’s a typical Ozzie pub with betting and three big tv’s showing sports from everywhere.


We have a quick one and then get back to base tidying up for the start of what is the road home and only 1500 km to go. We should be home by mid afternoon Tuesday.
All too soon it’s time to go up and get the bus to the pub and as we get there everyone else is waiting on us, oops. Five minutes later we arrive at the pub which was no mean feat as the driver only had one arm, no joke.
The place is a lot busier than earlier and happy our has started. We grab a couple of drinks and find a seat. We then but raffle tickets and Kaz is convinced we will win. I say really in a country pub? Needless to say we won nothing and the the locals won everything, funny that.
With that done we go next door to the restaurant and order a couple of starters and a couple of mains which were good pub grub stuff not worthy of a photo. We then look round the pub to find our fellow travellers and make arrangements for the one arm driver to take us back to base. This time everyone but us seem to have a one arm joke or story which they all get a laugh from whilst we cringe in the rear seats and are glad to be back in one piece again. Since we have a few long days of driving we get our heads down ready to hook up and hit the road early next morning.

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