After a great nights sleep without any noise or visitors we get packed up and back on the Nullarbor road by 7.15 am for our next drive.


Today we will do a long one of about 560 km which takes us back through two times zones as we cross the border in to South Australia.
The road itself is very good surface wise but the amount of dead Kangaroos is beginning to make us feel a bit sick. This morning after 2 hours the Kanga corpses are in hundreds, not a pretty sight but the Eagles and other birds are having a feast. We also had to slow down as we approached a police car with lights flashing at the scene of an accident. Looked like an old man had rolled his car, he had blood all over his head and his car and belongings were spread all over the place. As we travelled on we seen the ambulance and fire truck heading his way. Don’t know if he fell asleep, avoided and or hit a Kangaroo or maybe had a medical emergency and we will never find out.
After a couple of hundred km we pull in for fuel (1.76 a litre) and we meet the mother and son team travelling together.



We have a chat as usual about how their night was, where they stopped last night and where they were hoping to get to today. Turns out they are intending to be at the same place as us tonight whichever is a free rest stop the same as last nights. Like everyone else we discuss fuel price and consumption, we are all pretty happy as we are enjoying a tail wind and we are getting 15 litres per 100 km which is as good as it gets towing. Mother and son chatted to someone heading west in to a head wind and had seen 28-30 litres per 100 km ouch.
We drive a couple of time differences, the first being 45 mins followed by one hour 45 mins.

We motor on and reach our stop for the night and grab a good spot out of the wind blowing off the bight. We position the front of the and van in to the wind and I get tea made of chicken pasta with chorizo then turn in for the night.

Nullarbor 2

Except for a couple of road trains passing we sleep like logs and due to the time differences are not really sure of hat bloody time it really is. We have a big drive again today and will go,over in to South Australia. This will be a drive of about 450 km and we will end up at Streaky bay on the Eyre Peninsula. After yesterday’s roadkill mess today is the complete opposite and we see no dead things for the most part, a couple of snakes and that’s about it.
We pull in to the Great Australian Bight visitor centre.


We are astonished to get down to the ocean front where there are several whales including mothers with calfs just off the shore and they are so close we can here the noise of the whales like a wildlife program on the telly.

It is a real treat to see these giants just mucking about so close to the shore in what is a perfect morning. We spend an hour before getting back on the road.

We complete the Nullarbor crossing and arrive at Ceduna where we stop at the border and are relieved of two spud and an orange. We get in to,the information centre to get our “we crossed the Nullarbor certificate” but when we see it we decide not to bother as it not the best looking thing.

We motor on and finally arrive at Streaky Bay and get to the Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park which is the easily the best we have stayed in n our trip.


Even though the place is only nine months old the facilities are spotless and more akin to a hotel than a van park.


We had planned one night here but we may stay for two nights and motor back to Geelong still in plenty of time. Since we have been free camping on the way we get a washing done and hung out then go next door and get a few games of free pool where Kaz races to a three game lead before it ends three each, we will definitely pick up on this tomorrow. As the sun sets we head down to the private beach and take in yet another sunset with a bottle of Margaret River red and nibbles.


The sun sets and we get back and get tea on before watching telly which is strange as we have had no reception for days and knackered it’s bed time.

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