Olive Farm to Fremantle – Perth – Wave Rock

Leaving day arrives and sometimes we pretty happy to be leaving certain places but not on this occasion. We could easily have stayed here for a couple of weeks, it really was that good and we plan to return here when we get the time.

Today we are heading north again and we get on the road later than we usually would, in fact we were actually over our time and leave at 10.20 am.

With no issues we arrive at the Discovery Woodman Point in Fremantle, we get a pretty tight site next to an older couple of chain smokers and get set up.

We then head out of the park in to downtown Fremantle where we cruise around checking the place out and trying to find somewhere to park.

Having found a good spot and taking advice we head to Cappuccino walk which seems to be the centre of the action with lots of coffee shops and loads of pubs and restaurants. We head in to the market which is very similar to Paddy’s Market in Sydney and has all the usual tatt and we walk round but don’t buy anything. With not a lot else here we head back to the park and tonight is Pizza night cooked on the Webber stone and a couple of coldies.
We then get entertained by the chain smokers who are having a massive bust up not only with each other but also with a couple of people on their phones, this went went on for quite a while until the phones were hung up and peace was restored.

The following morning (Saturday) we plan to head to Perth and in to the hills to Bedfordale where Martin and Nicola Rock have generously offered us a parking spot with the van at their property.

For a few days I have had a painful right eye and had got some cream and a saline wash for it from the Pharmacy but it was not improving things, Kaz found a local doctors surgery and we get in where the doctor seems to be enjoying messing about with the sore eye before getting on the inter web and showing horrendous infected eye photos. He seemed to enjoy our reaction to these pic’s then takes a swab of the eye and prescribes more creams, one of which has to be in the eye, the other around the outside.


He also tells us to keep applying in the eye the cream from the Pharmacy. As you can imagine I am not loving this news then he tells us this must be applied five times a day!! He then says we should make an appointment for seven days from now where the swab results would be back. We of course tell him that we will be in the middle of the Nullarbor at that time to which he replies that he will call and provide the results and if it gets any worse we need head straight to a hospital. Not sure if that will be possible on the Nullarbor but I hope not to need to do that.

With the medical issues dealt with we get back on the road and head to Bedfordale high in the hills above Perth. We arrive without issue and meet Martin at Rock towers where Kaz has the challenge of reversing the van up the sloping driveway and in to the rear of the property which she does like a boss.
We set up the van before entering the beautiful house which is a very strange thing for us as we have not set foot in a house for months and feels kind of strange for some reason. We have a great chat before Martin offers me a ride in his V8 powered Ford Popular Hotrod and I don’t need to be asked twice.


We get out and enjoy cruising around effortlessly in this car which Martin built himself. I hope to return the favour in my Anglia Hotrod if Martin gets to visit Geelong.
In addition to luxurious surrounding Nicola serves up some delicious food and we have another weird moment of sitting at a dining table in a house. Before we know it it’s bed time and we retire to our van and have great nights sleep. We had planned to visit John Thomson in Perth who is another guy who is building a Ford Popular Hotrod but unfortunately we just ran out of time due to my eye none sense.
The following morning we are up and get packed up early ready to leave and head east. We say our goodbyes and hit the road. Today we will drive three hundred km and stay just outside of a town called Hyden which is home to the iconic Wave Rock.
On the way we do the usual and fuel up and a bit further on stop at the famous Stumpys Roadhouse where we grab some breakfast.


Back on the road and only an hour to go, we decide to swap to me driving. We pull in and adjust the mirrors and drivers seat for me before turning the key and nothing. The car refuses to start and we are in the middle nowhere and have no idea why the bloody thing has decided to go no further. We call Mitsubishi roadside assist and manage to get them to know where we are to send someone out to start the car and she says they will let us know if and when they find someone. We decide to get our jump leads out and attempt to stop a passing car and get back on the road. Having waved at a few cars who look at us as if we are robbers waiting to pounce and drive past us, I wave to a car heading in the opposite direction who pulls in and without question and provides us a jump start. We attach the cables and bang the car bursts in to life and having given a massive thanks to the guy we are back on the road road to Hyden.
We arrive at Tressies caravan park which has a five star rating on WikiCamps and having checked in realise why, the facilities here are spotless. They also have a collection of vintage rust.

Set up fast we head out to visit Wave Rock which was on our to do list. It was put on the world map when a photo of the rock was entered in to and won a competition in New York in 1963. We drive the short distance and pay our dues to enter the park and get our first look at the famouse site.


The thing is huge and there is a lot more to it then just the wave, see the pics for an idea of what we mean. We spend about 2 hours here before heading back to base to get tea on and five o’clock cocktails then all too fast another day has disappeared.

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