A Wee Update


Bacon and eggs breakfast makes a great start to a day. This park is packed out and people are being squeezed very close to each other. We can’t complain as we spoke to a couple from Switzerland at our last place and they said they tried to book in and were told no vacancy. This makes for good people watching as some people are not too happy. This morning a large motor home arrived to move in to a space still occupied as check out is 10am so they had to wait until the folks in the space exited, this didn’t occur until two minutes to ten.
We are quite surprised with Kalbarri as it’s pretty nice with lots of services and sits on the water with great walks and fishing. Today we plan on doing no touring, instead we will just give the van a wee spruce and kick back and relax. We will be back on the road tomorrow where we will head for the town of Port Denison as we head south to Perth.

Kalbarri to Port Denison

After a good rest yesterday we are up and packed up but this time we don’t leave straight away as every morning across the road the local pelicans get a feed. We head over and so far we only see two pelicans one of which must be the boss man as he is huge and has the other one scared stiff. More and more people arrive and form a huge circle which boss pelican walks in to the middle of and spends time staring at the gathered crowd. A third pelican then arrives and is another small one.


A lady then arrives bucket in hand and throws a few pieces of fish to each pelican then launches in to a long talk of the history of the feeding which apparently has been going on for a long number of years. This turns in to a very long story which we are not here for and decide to bale and get on the road.
In no time we have arrived in Port Denison at what is just a road stop, there is nothing that we have planned on doing here. The park is a Top Tourist park and we are lucky that we phoned and booked as it is now full. We get allocated a pretty good spot although it is next to the jumping pillow, no worries though as there are only a couple of kids on it and we are near the exit for a sharp getaway tomorrow and that’s when it happens, three separate groups arrive and set up next to us but the kicker is they all know each other and collectively it seems they have about twenty children who race to the jumping pillow and so begins the screaming and shouting which will not stop until the pillow is turned off about six pm. We are in luck though as there is a pub round the corner and happy hour starts at four thirty. Not sure about you but I don’t like a mullet haircut on kids. We decide to get our bikes off the van and get the hell out of there for some peace. The town sits on the ocean and as such is pretty nice but there are not many people out and about and we cycle around without seeing another soul. We cycle about ten k’s then figure it is close enough to happy hour and we best get back.

We arrive back and discover that there are even more people in the child rearing group and the pillow is packed. One of the fathers has something we have never seen, a studded neck. Yep, studs on the back of his neck, along with other piercings and earrings etc, each to their own I suppose.
The pub is pretty good and we grab a couple of coldies and then end up eating here as well which turns out to be very good and having had our fill and darkness has fallen we walk the short distance to the park. It is lucky for us the pub was so close as we get in the van, close the door and a heavy burst of rain arrives and we would have got drenched, then it’s a bit of trash TV and lights out.

Port Denison to Numbung Station

Morning arrives and we are glad to be leaving, we waste no time getting hooked up as the masses start to gather for their group breakfast. Today we are on our way to The Nambung Station which is about 300 k’s south and is a working farm on about 300,000 acres, so plenty of room. The drive is pretty easy, so much so that Kaz drives the whole way and we arrive having navigated a red dirt road for the last 10 k’s which is the best dirt type road we have encountered.

We have chosen to stay here as it backs on to the the Nambung National Park which is home to the world famous Pinnacles which were definitely on our must see list. The farm itself has thousands of cattle, sheep, not so many horses, alpacas, donkeys and one dog strangely. We thought there would be a bunch of Border Collies to give us a doggie fix but one dog will do.


Having set up we head off to visit The Pinnacles and also to locate a pub where we can watch the AFL Grand Final tomorrow.

The big local town of Cervantes has a great pub and we head in and check it out. The place has four big screen tv’s which are perfect for the grand final tomorrow. We take a look at the menu and decide to hang around and have lunch before heading to the Pinnacles. We drive to the Nambung park and pay our $12.00 entry fee. We take the 4K drive which is like an obstacle course with lot’s of places to pull in for photo’s and walkabouts. The Pinnacles themselves are thousands of ancient limestone pillars which seem to rise out of the shifting sand in a random, scattered fashion and are pretty amazing. Having completed the drive we get in to the 1.2 km walk, grab some pic’s then head in to the interpretative display centre which has some really cool photos, a bit of history and a couple of theories of what the Pinnacles are, how old and how they came to be.

Getting back to the station just in time for feeding of a couple of lambs, Sonia the manager gives myself and Kaz the milk to feed them.


Now the lambs may look small but when they spot that bottle they are very strong and once locked on they will not let go until the last drop is gone but it was a great laugh.

We then move on to the donkeys, horse, sheep and alpacas who grab anything offered although the alpacas look as they will spit on you every time their ears drop.
On the property there is a huge fire pit which gets lit for everyone to gather round for a yarn but we don’t fancy getting coverd in smoke and retire to watch Vikings on our hard drive before it’s lights out.

Grand Final Day

We are on the go early today as we are taking a tour of the Pinnacles from the property we are staying at with Sonia. We will tour the huge grounds of the farm on a four wheel drive buggy with one other family.


To tour the Pinnacles from this side in a private tour is something special as from this side there are no masses of footprints and no one else here but our tiny tour group and we see the Pinnacles from a whole new perspective and Sonia points out some things we would never have spotted.

The tour is meant to be two hours long but Sonia gets a bit carried away and we get back at eleven thirty and dive in the car to drive to the pub for the final. Luckily we make it in good time and the pub is pretty busy most fans supporting the Tigers. I have one drink as I am today’s driver and once again we have a lovely lunch whilst watching the game.
On returning to the camp there have been a few arrivals and there is a good fire on the go. We decide to be sociable and get chatting to a group of folks from Perth who are a bit posh but one of the guys seems down to earth and we have a bit of a laugh with him. A bit later on a Chinese couple with a boy of about four appear out of nowhere in to the camp. They have no car and then tell a story of how they were following Google maps which directed them to use a track which we knew about but didn’t use as it for wheel drives only and we had not dropped our tyre pressures. This poor couple who had hired a camper van were not so fortunate and attempted to use said track and got bogged pretty fast and had then proceeded to walk the rest of the track in to the farm. They then proceeded to call for a recovery truck which will cost them a bloody fortune and might mean an end to their trip. We retired to our van and left the posh people to help them out.

Nambung Station to Perth

Watched yet another sunrise then cooked breakfast before getting on the road nice and early.


A pretty easy drive this morning as we make our way to Perth. After an uneventful drive we reach the city and are brought back form our country vibe as as we get on to the freeway and see people driving like maniacs as usual. The closer we get to our destination the happier we are and we leave the freeway and arrive at our new base for the next couple of days. We chose this place as the Pajero which was serviced just before we left is now due another service. This means we have driven over 15000 kms in three months. We get booked in at the park office and a guy arrives on a buggy and takes us round a few sites which we can choose from and we select a site far from the jumping pillow, sand pit and play park. The site is a huge slab with room for the van and car and it’s also extremely clean with great facilities.
Once set up we head out for a drive to Scarborough beach and just as we set foot on the sand we hear a siren wailing, a chopper in the air with siren sounding and a bunch of life guards telling everyone to get out of the water. Turned out there was a 4.5 metre shark near the beach and as such the beach was closed for the day.

This place is on the up with 75 million being spent transforming the waterfront area. We have a good walk around then head back to the camp. Like another camp we stayed at there is a wood fired pizza van here and we grab one for our tea. We then have a Vikings night again with a couple of episodes before lights out.

Karrinyup – Perth

Today we are up early and on the freeway heading for Pace Mitsubishi for the service to be carried out. We ask the service guy Daniel if we can get a lift back to the park and then to be collected later to get the car or we joke you could just give us a car for the day to which Daniel replies “might be better” and hands us the keys to a new Triton ute for the day, result. This gives us time to head for Yanchup park where we can do some walking with koalas in the trees and lots of walking trails.

We spend a large part of the day here then head back to Scarborough beach where we grab lunch before returning to collect the Pajero and getting back to the park. Tomorrow we will head to Margaret River where we will stay at a farm and use or own solar power and water tanks again. The farm only has ten spots so we are lucky to get in for a couple of days while we visit some of the fantastic vineyards in this area.

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