Exmouth – Cape Range Park

We hit the road today and went to the lighthouse lookout to take in some of the best scenery ever seen anywhere. With the Indian Ocean as a backdrop and streams of whales swimming past it does not get better.



We made our way to turquoise beach where we intended to swim and snorkel and as we walk to the beach there are signs warning that swimming is dangerous due to fast currents and rips.





We get in anyway but gees, the current is so strong it is hard to even stand just off the beach. We attempt a swim but get swept so fast we decide that we will get out and head to our base and get ready to take in the sunset from the lighthouse later.

We get a message from Joel who let’s us know that the boat trip for tomorrow is on and not only that but he will come and collect us. We will then spend the afternoon whale watching and swimming and take in the sunset on the boat!!


We take nibbles and drinks to the lighthouse and watch the sunset and to be honest, great as it was we have seen better and the place was heaving and noisy. Tomorrow on the boat might and in fact will be better.

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