A very short drive today of about two hours as we made our way north from Coral Bay to Exmouth. We will be based in Exmouth until Friday.
The drive was uneventful except for some sheep on the road both living and deceased and we head straight to the information centre to do our research of the area. Here there are only two van parks and luckily both are within walking distance from the information centre and in fact the Ningaloo caravan and holiday resort is across the road. We had checked this one out on WikiCamps and the revues were not that brilliant. We reckon that is partly due to the fact that it is pretty expensive and is certainly no “resort”.
We walk in and ask if we could have a look round before we commit and the staff look both surprised and we think semi annoyed but allow us in anyway. We walk around and have the luxury of choosing any site we like. We do a tour listening out for crying babies or evidence of said babies and decide on a pretty level sunny site with good access. We book one night and will probably extend this later.

Thanks to Sarah who works with Kaz we have another luxury which is to meet with Joel her brother who is a lucky man and lives in Exmouth. We head off having set up our base to the local town beach and meet Joel for a chat and to formulate a plan. On the way we have to drive round a couple of Emus which are like pigeons here as they just wander around the town doing what they like.


Amazingly Joel offers to take us out on his boat in to the gulf on Thursday to do some snorkelling, fishing and swimming with whales. We snap that offer up pdq and then Joel gives us the good oil on the best attractions in the area to get round in the next few days even down to where to eat, fantastic.

On Joel’s say so make our way out to Bundegi beach which is very close to the Indian Ocean side of the area. This beach is not as good as Coral Bay but as it is 38 degrees a swim is the order of the day and we get in to the water to cool off, bloody beautiful.
As we sit looking out in to the gulf a pod of Hump Back Whales arrive and put on a fantastic show of jumping out the water and splashing down with a bang which arrives a few seconds later. It seemed to be the calf of the bunch doing most of the breaching and looked to be mucking around. As we sat on the beach for the rest of the afternoon whales would continue to swim past our spot so much so that we shared our binoculars with a couple of German girls who were back packing and had yet to see any whales. On hearing we were Scottish, one of the girls mentioned that Bayern Munich would be playing Glasgow Celtic in the Champions League, the world game indeed. Having snorkelled and swam for a bit we head back to base and eat our leftover pasta from last nights dinner in Coral Bay and watch some TV. This is the first time we have had reception for over two weeks. We need to think about this if we decide to move from here on Friday to Carnarvon as we want to make sure we get to see the Geelong game. It should be ok though as the old farts were doing this as they travelled south to Perth and they waned to see the Eagles v GWS game.

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