Exmouth 2

Today we need to get some business done re houses which means we had to head off to the local library and do some printing and scanning. With this out the way we get our bikes off the van and cycle in to Exmouth for breakfast and a look around. Quite surprised at how many shops etc were there. We spot a dive shop,and head in as the snorkel I am using is doing what they all do for me, leak water in to the mask. The guys are great in the shop and let me try several but they all do the same thing, which is fail to seal around my fat face. Then we see a full face mask and decide to try that one on. It’s expensive but if it stops me drowning it might be money well spent. They guy says take this one back to the resort and try it in the pool and if it works, happy days and we buy it. If not no worries and we don’t buy it. Off we go on our bikes and it’s in to the pool with thing literally strapped to my head. I jump in the pool and face down it seems promising then streaks of water enter the mask and ffs it is not going to work. Kaz is jealous at how good I look in it and has a go herself but it just freaks her out and we take it back to the dive shop and I will just drown in the mask I already have.

We spend the rest of the day at the fantastic pool where we meet a couple of Brit girls and chat about all things Australian and of course shitty British weather. When we get back to the van our neighbours who we have been chatting to offer us some freshly caught Trevally which has been filleted and is ready for the pan. Well we don’t waste any time and grab that offer with both hands. We have been chatting to them since we arrived hear and they are actually a great laugh. Kaz gets back to her Chef roots and cooks up the fish a treat. It is the freshest pure white goodness and it goes down with a drop of wine just lovely.
Having scoffed our dinner the heat is still on and we get back over to the pool for a wee cool off before it closes at sunset. A great end to a magic but HOT day.

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