Coral Bay – Last Days

Saturday Coral Bay

Today started out like yesterday with the old farts (Jenna’s Words not mine) leaving this time on their way home to Perth.

We have a boring day with Coral beach snorkelling, swimming and sun baking.

After a great day we are off to the pub again to watch the West Coast Eagles play GWS.


It’s as you would expect a one sided support in the bar but there are a few for GWS in as well. One particular being a guy wearing a Geelong top whooping it up every time GWS scored. We get chatting to a couple of guys who are from Exmouth, Kaz says do you know a guy called Joel? turns out they are best mates. Joel is taking us out on his boat for a spot of snorkelling, fishing and with some luck swimming with whales when we get to Exmouth.
We watch the game until half time and it looks like and turns out to be that the Eagles get humped.
We get back to base and turn in for the night as usual knackered.

Sunday Coral Bay

Last day here and feels a bit strange with all the new people around us for some reason. We get half packed up for leaving Monday with all the non essentials put away. Having watched all the boats taking people to the outer reef all week today is the day when we are the ones going out.


10 am and we are on board the glass bottom boat and heading way out towards the break for some snorkelling. On the way we go out to the massive Ayers Rock Coral that I swam out to but was unable to find. When we actually get to see it, I have no idea how I missed it. My only defence is I am a rubbish swimmer.

We skim across the top of the Coral as we head out, the variety and health of it is amazing.

Apparently it is one of the healthiest reefs on the planet due to the water being a bit colder than other reefs and no chemical run offs going in to the waterways here. In no time we arrive at the outer reef and we are both in the water with our snorkelling gear on and a set of fins. We take the opportunity to go on the snorkelling safari with one of the crew and we are glad we did. She takes us to the most amazing sights with fantastic Coral, turtles, stingrays, reef sharks and a whole bunch of other fish species. At times the swimming is quite tough but we all manage to follow on and all made it safely back to the boat. Kaz grabs the GoPro and heads out and films some action. As we are swimming and filming the skipper is dropping fish food around us and these fish have no fear slapping you in the face to get to the stuff. After a good 45 minutes we have to head back taking in the beautiful beaches of Coral Bay as we sail back to shore.

This trip was a great way to spend our last day here and I would recommend you get on it if you get the chance.

We get back to base and find that there are a couple of pop top camper vans parked up our chuff. These were a couple of families from Perth who were not that experienced in how to reverse a van in and were then helped by a couple of guys one of which hit a tree next to us with his own car not once but twice. Him and his mate helped them set up and even managed to break a rule that states, all A frames should point to the road. We were glad that this was our last day.
Later we decide to treat ourselves and head to the Reef Cafe for some food. We grab a nice bottle of WA red for the table and end up ordering chilli mussels and then a couple of pasta dishes which were huge. So huge that we got them to go and that means lunch for tomorrow is sorted. Once again we retire exhausted but happy to be moving on in the morning to Exmouth.

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