Friday – Coral Bay

Today starting off with Jenna and Daz leaving, off on the next part of their trip. Everyone up to wish them safe travels and they are off in no time.

Friday at last and we will be out and on the beach having another day of sun, snorkelling and getting the GoPro on again.

There is a huge piece of Coral in the water called Ayres Rock, the glass bottom boats take people to view it.


I am not the strongest swimmer and Kaz is scared of what might be in the water waiting to eat her. I decide I will have a go at swimming out to the rock with my snorkel. I start to swim out and out and out, I make sure that I swim against the tide a bit so that I can drift over the Coral but I am a decent distance out in the bay and although there is Coral everywhere, there is no signpost or arrow to figure out if I am close and I swim around a bit looking for the thing with no luck. I decide that I would give up and pop my head up to find myself with a bloody long way to go to get back to the beach. By the time I get back my pipe cleaner arms are aching and my lungs are threatening to burst out of my chest. Kaz greets me with ” well what’s it like” you can guess the answer I gave.

Later on about 5.30 we head over to Bill’s Bar to have tea and watch Geelong play, sorry slaughter Sydney.


It started out a bit rowdy with a group of guys who had been on a fishing charter making some pro Sydney noises but that didn’t last long as their team got destroyed.


We must confess that we expected to watch maybe the first half of the game and that Sydney would win but great to be there till the last kick, a great night.

We might go back and watch the Eagles tomorrow night as there will be decent WA crowd in I should think.

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