Coral bay

Woke this morning after a great sleep to find the place quite windy, this is forecast for the next couple of days but still great temperatures sunshine as usual.
We get chatting to the neighbours who are three couples two of whose are retired and another younger couple all from Perth, Western Australia.
We get over to the shop and nearly fall over when we see fresh Scottish sausage in the fridge of the shop. We grab a pack and fast forward they were fantastic, we will be buying in bulk before we move on.
For only the second time on this trip we get to use our bikes. We have a cycle around for a while and tour a few spots before heading of to the beach for some snorkelling. The snorkelling here is so amazing as the reef is just off the beach. All you have to do is walk round up stream as such, get in on top of the reef then let the current drift you back to where you left your stuff. Swimming is safe as there are only reef sharks who do not eat humans so we can relax. We grab the GoPro and get on with some filming which will probably be all over the place as there is a lot of fish to see. It’s quite funny as the little fish come right up to your face and stare in to your mask while the bigger ones swim at the side but swim off if you get too close, we also see a Ray which was pretty cool. Quite surprised that the water temperature is relatively cold compared to say Lake Argyle but once you are in your mind is on the coral and fish but you do need to get out as you get to feel the cold.

We spend the rest of the day at the beach then grab a shower before we grab our chairs and join the retired comedians camp and the its five o’clock cocktail time. The eight of us are having a few and the patter and laughs are great. Daz, one half of the young couple then announces that he makes his own spirits including whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum and gin. This is music to Jeff’s (one of the retired massives) ears and he gets stuck right in to the Whisky and loves it so much attempts to ensure Daz has none left but that will not happen and after a great night we all get off to our beds and its lights out time.

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