Coral Bay

Square sausage roll for breakfast set’s you up for the day. Cooked on the Webber and bloody beautiful.


We see whiskey Jeff and he is not looking well and he had an interesting night after his booze marathon and will not see too much daylight till later. Everyone else seems fine and we all head out to our chosen beach for the day. We do a ditto of the day before but this time we take our beach tent which gives us both a wee break from the sun when required and we also have the ocean of course to cool us off. There has been a huge reduction in the wind today and the reef is even closer to the beach and the different shades of the water is just magnificent. At 3.30 we line up on the waters edge for the fish feeding which occurs 3 times a week which is pretty good, the fish swim around like crazy splashing around and bumping in to to your legs trying to get a feed.


We spend the rest of the day here then take in the sunset before returning in time for sunset drinks with the same crowd. Tonight we are going over to Bills restaurant for dinner, we join up with the young folk from Perth and share a table. The food is fantastic but way too much, with crab tacos and oysters to start and Prawns, chorizo and linguini for me with chicken linguini for Kaz. Daz and intended had a selection of tapas plates and all were delicious washed down with a couple of bottles of red.


It was a great night, a good laugh and we turn in thinking it was late but it turned out to be about 9.45 amazing how time seems to fool you on holiday.

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