Coral Bay – Ningaloo

As planned up early packed up and on the road just after seven. Today will be just about getting down the coast to Coral Bay. This will take us the best part of the day but as we have left early we will arrive about two in the afternoon. This will be the last time we drive this far in one day all going to plan.

To cut a long story short and after an uneventful drive we arrive at our home for the next seven days.


We were smart and phoned ahead and just as well the guy next to us at reception got the last spot and was very lucky as he didn’t book ahead. We get to our allocated spot and although it is alright, we see next to it is a better spot so back to the office and after a bit of this and that we get the better corner spot.


This place is packed but there is still heaps of room around our spot. We set up and walk the long drive off by touring what’s on offer.

Great bars, restaurants and even a wee stupid market which has all the things you would need and a lot you wouldn’t. We walk across the road and get our first view of the beach and wow it is a stunner with beautiful colours and the Ningaloo reef just off the beach.


There also a bunch of fishing, snorkelling and whale watching boats around the inlet.


Walk done we sink a couple and get off to sleep early.

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