Dampier – Red Dog


Having done one side of Karratha today we head to the Dampier side. This being a Sunday there is a local market on at a local park which is surrounded by palm trees. The stuff on offer is the usual candles, smelly stuff, arty stuff and lots of baby things. As you would imagine we don’t stay here very long, the highlight being a woman who is belting out American classics and sounds a bit like Gladys Knight.


We get off and head for Queens lookout which provides a 360 of the entire area and hopefully some pics. We follow our map and get to the access road which is a bridge over to a small island which is Queens Lookout but instead of driving over there are huge signs saying keep out and it turns out the place is owned by Rio Tinto and there is no public access allowed. This can get quite annoying up here as we have seen loads of the same roads with the same signs.
Knocked back we decide to head off and visit the memorial statue of Red Dog. This is the Dampier mine dog which just roamed around the place getting fed by various people and was immortalised in the movie. You can if you are crazy take a walk in the dogs paw prints and visit some of his alleged favourite spots.

With the heat beating down on us we bring the walking around to an end and as we are leaving tomorrow we head in to the local shopping centre. We grab some brunch and then stroll around the place. Amazingly all the shops are the same shops we all see in every centre Australia wide with a few small exceptions. We get in to Coles and grab some supplies then it’s back to base and get packed up ready to leave in the morning. As it is blooming hot we enjoy a cool down in the pool. Tomorrow we will get on it early as we are heading to Ningaloo Coral Bay which will take us about six hours where we have got a deal on a stay seven pay for six offer.

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