Point Samson

The following day we head to Honeymoon Cove which is famed for dolphins, turtles and migrating whales which can be seen just of the shore. The cove has a tiny little white sandy beach where the water temperature is beautiful and we get to do some snorkelling.



We no sooner had got back on to the beach from a quick dip when we see a pod of three whales, one of which is a calf swimming past. They then turn around and look to be having a muck around blowing and splashing about. It seemed a bIt later that they were waiting on another whale to catch up before continuing on their way. Amazing to see them so close without bobbing around on a boat as we usually find ourselves.


We get our snorkels out and have a wee swim around but there are a couple of people spear fishing and we decide to back off.
Kelly at the big 4 recommended the local tavern here for lunch, the fish as you would expect is as fresh as it gets. We arrive and go upstairs to take in the amazing view and stuff ourselves with fish, prawns, scallops and of course chips.

We later head to the Dampier side of the bay to take in the sunset and get to park on the top end of the beach. The spot is pretty busy as it pretty special.

We then head back to base and as usual knackered.

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