After our long drive yesterday we are glad to be off the road for a few days. Karratha again is a mining town similar to Port Hedland but it also has gas and salt production plants. The place seems to have a lot more infrastructure going on with lots of new housing developments, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and sporting facilities. The place also has less dirty air or dirt blowing around.


We get a great site with a double concrete slab and parking on the side for the Pajero. As we get in to the back end of the season here we can certainly see a big change in numbers with less families and more oldies like us.
Karratha sits in the middle of Nickol Bay with Dampier (made famous by the movie Red Dog) and Point Samson on either side. Both have incredible beaches with great swimming and no Crocs, jellyfish, stingers or sharks at last. Point Samson also has the Cape Lambert iron ore loading facility with at least five boats waiting out in the bay the ore is delivered again by train and again is run by Rio Tinto. Having set up and found that the telly reception in the park is rubbish, we head for the office and ask if the AFL would be showing in the TV room and get told that one FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) or some say it as (Fit In Or F*** Off) guy had booked the telly to watch the rugby. Turns out there were about twenty Mexicans wanting to watch AFL but FIFO offered a don’t care face and was not willing to give in. I suggested to him that next time they might want to put up a preference sheet and the majority would rule. Again FIFO just had look which said “are you still here”.
We quickly do a swap and head for the local pub where the Geelong game will be shown. The pub was heaving with rugby and AFL on big screens but for obvious reasons we only watched until the third quarter. It wasn’t a total bad night as we had a fab feed and a couple of beers.

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