Having made it back safe from the previous nights dirt drive, we are up this morning and we are heading back on the same road back to do more Gorge walks. We have one more to complete which we do easily and then head back through the same crap road and go back to the gorges next to us for a swim in the hope that we can get some of this red dirt out of us. The swimming here is just amazing and what we had hoped we would be doing on this trip. Not a lot of words to describe the, all as they are all just fantastic and quite different in size and shape. Please see pics.


We have an easy night watching a massive electrical storm some distance away which lights up the entire skyline but strangely no thunder. We will leave here in the morning and have a bit of a drive ahead of us as we aim to be in Karratha by days end. We get most stuff done including hooking up the van, in the morning we will only take 20 mins to get on the road. Karratha gets us out of the bush and back in to the beaches again and also get back to 30+ degrees again.

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