Karijini to Karratha

As planned, we leave early 7.15 and we are on the road with a six and a half hour drive ahead of us. Bit of a long one but there ain’t much between the two and we don’t want to stop in Port Hedland again. We could have cut quite a bit of time of the drive as there is an alternative road via Tom Price but it is 4×4 mainly and we don’t want to wreck our Caravan. We have a couple of stops on the way to change driver and have something to eat. There was a pub recommended to us on the way and we decided to have a look as it wasn’t far off the highway and would give us a break. We might even have lunch here if any good. Any good? We wouldn’t let Max and Shana eat in this place, the tables looked dirty and outside had dirty ashtrays and a poor bird stuck in a cage outside. We nearly fell over each other in our rush to get out of the place, some recommendations should be avoided.


Anyhow we get back on the road and eventually reach our home for the next couple of days. This place got mixed reviews but being a big 4 the facilities are pretty good compared to a lot of the places we have seen, the woman at the reception is really pleasant and really there was this site and one other in Karratha so not much choice. This one is in a good spot for touring around and has some beautiful beaches.

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