Port Hedland to Karijini

Well last night was a funny one. Because PH is a mining town and we are parked up so close to the port, the noise of the trains, trucks and helicopters continued through the night as mining is a 24/7 365 days of the year business. How people live here with all the noise of industry going on all the time is beyond me, double or triple glazing perhaps. So after an interesting night we are up early and on the road by 7.30 and on our way to Karijini.
As we get on the road and out of town the mining influence hits home again as the road we are on is also the road to the Newman mine and with that there are literally hundreds of road trains going up and down the road. Each truck is around 50 metres long and are not looking to be held up by little us in our caravan and we are passed a lot. We do try to help these guys by moving out their way and slowing to let them pass.
The road kill seems to have returned to normal and being a massive cow facing us as we drive. The thing is sitting up, with eyes bulging open, tongue hanging out and looks like it is ready to explode any minute. The smell is just disgusting and we are too late in closing the vents in the car and will smell that poor cow for the next hour. A guy told us that the trucks will swerve to avoid a cow but their only concern is the front of the truck and will not really care if the trailers run over the things as long as the cab area is not affected.
We drive on and have our driver swap and breakfast on the road then get in to a Roadhouse to fuel up before turning off and heading south to Karijini.
Due to our early start we arrive just after 12.30 having covered 450 km and are glad to get out and have a stretch. We also note a change in temperature as it is only 28 degrees and there are strange looking white things in the sky, we are told that these are clouds, lol. It’s been so long we almost forgot what it means to be below 30+ by 10 am and sunny all the time. We get a choice of sites and pick the one furthest away from the shitter, (long drop). If our previous site was noisy then this place is the polar opposite with not a sound and pitch black. There are no powered sites, no water and everyone must be self sufficient and leave with everything you arrived with including all rubbish etc. Within this park are sites which are not close to anyone else where generators can be used but only between 8 am and 8 pm. Why these folks don’t change to solar is beyond me. There is also no internet, TV reception or phone service and as it is so quiet we will not be watching Sons Of Anarchy.
Knackered, we are off to sleep, a big day of exploring to come.

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