Broome to Port Hedland

All packed up and on the road heading from Broome to Port Hedland.
Not a lot on today, just the road trip. We get up to the main highway fuel up and hit the road proper. The Western Australian landscape is now very bleak, although it does have trees and grass etc but you are certainly aware that you are in a very remote area and we can see for miles and miles and yes miles. Only point of interest is that we are seeing a massive reduction in road kill numbers and wildlife numbers in general. We share the driving as usual and in no time we are turning in to the 80 mile Beach Park which is our chosen road stop for the night or more if we enjoy the place.
As we turn in off the highway the sign says 11 km to the park and the road is red dirt with corrugations. We have to take this real slow as the Pajero is built to take it, the caravan is not. The park is huge and it looks as if it is being maintained well with pretty good and clean facilities.

As the name suggests this place sits right next to the beach and having set up our site we take a short walk over a small hill and we get our first look at it.

We thought Cable Beach was big, this Beach is just massive and obviously very long. It loses massively though as there is no swimming due to Sharks, Stingers and it is un patrolled. It does have the largest amount of shells we have ever seen and this is evident in the camp with lots of wind chimes made of shells. We take a wee foot dip in the water and return to base and get dinner on. Tonight Kaz is doing a frittata which will be both easy to cook and scoff.
Being so close to the ocean the camp is quite windy so we decide to add our support lines to our awning. We turn in and watch a bit of telly before we sink in to sleep which is not for long as the quite windy turned in to very windy and our awning is being blown about, as is everyone else’s. We decide just to tighten the supports as it is too late 10.30 pm to be making lot’s of noise taking it down. This was a huge mistake as the noise and wind does not let up and that bloody noise kept us awake for quite some time. In the morning we are up early and it is still windy and we decide there is no way we will stay another night and before long we are packed up and out on to the dirt road to head for Port Hedland where we will stop for a night and use our water tanks and solar power. This is a site which sits on the racecourse grounds and is free for travellers.

On arrival at Port Hedland everywhere you look is a sign with BHP Billiton on it. They may own something or are sponsoring something or other but obviously a huge part of the area. We make for the site and get a spot then head in to the town to find the information centre and get the info we need as tomorrow we will head in to Karijini National Park which we have been told should not be missed.
We will then head to the town of Tom Price where Rio Tinto have a major interest.

We get down to the port area in time to see a huge ship being brought in for loading by huge tug boats and also on the ship, a pilot who is flown by helicopter to steer the ship in to the channel. The ship will then be loaded which can take between 24 and 36 hours.

The Port exports millions of tons per year. We will take a tour of the mine when we arrive in Tom Price.


The site is a bit of a dust bowl but hey it’s free including water, so beggars etc. there are the usual people here with vans, motor homes, tents and swags. There also some nutters who actually just sleep in their cars but needs must I suppose.

We get fed and heads down early as we have a bit of a large drive tomorrow.

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