Broome – Sunday

Another day another Sunday. We get down to the local China Town, this time to take in the fight between McGregor and Mayweather at the local pub there. We called the big Irish pub in town who said they were not showing it. The time difference has stuffed us up as the fight is on but it is in round 5 already and it’s easy to see who the winner will be, though its hard to say you have lost when collecting millions of dollars for second place.


Fight over we take a walk round the shops but not much going on, must be Sunday trading hours. so we return to camp and head for the pool for the afternoon.

We get back to the van and speak to Ann Marie next door, you will remember she is in the travel business and we hit her up with regards on where to stay in Cape Leveque, we will drive up there on Thursday and stay overnight. We won’t be taking the van though as the road up there is a 220 km, strictly 4×4 only, made up of mostly red dirt and is corrugated for over 90 km one way. We will have to drop the tyre pressures this time To 25 or the Pajero will be shaken to pieces. Anne Marie gives us the good oil and we call her suggestion and secure the last spot at a place owned and operated by the local Aboriginal people. Cape Leveque was one of the reasons we made Broome a stop on this part of the trip. We sink a nice bottle of red and watch the local wildlife roam around and we witness our first kangaroo fight not sure which one was victorious but was fun to watch. Tomorrow we will do it tough and spend the day back at Cable Beach. We reckon it will be really quiet as all the poor souls will be back at work.

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