Broome – Western Australia

We have an easy 220 km drive to Broome so we have a lazy up and there are quite a lot of people moving on as well going by the noise just before 6 am. Anyhow we have a light breakfast pack up and head off to fuel up. Tank full Kaz goes in to pay and the guy in the station is from Dundee, Scotland and is having a year in Australia and has to work for six months doing anything, after which he can travel around for the second half of the year.
Back on the road and we have the usual traffic hazards of cows in the middle of the road which we get past without killing anything.

A bit further up the road there are a couple of cows who were not so lucky and are lying on the side of the road waiting for the council person to drag them off in to the bush to provide a good meal for some of the other wildlife.
When we arrive at our new home we can see some other people we have met in other parks and we all decide things are certainly much quieter. That was not to last long though, a bit more on that later.
We have a curry lunch get set up then we head off on a tour of the town, before heading out to the famous Cable Beach which is like a lot of Australian beaches, stunning, long, with beautiful water colour and not a lot of people on it. Amazed to see 4 x 4’s being allowed to drive on to the beach, park up but they have to ensure they leave before high tide. It was funny to see a non 4×4 ute with some drunk idiots on the back of it driving on to the beach, it would be great watching them explain to the police what they were doing. We will certainly return here for some beach sunsets and picnics etc. there are also three camel ride companies on the beach so we might get on that as well.


We leave the beach and head back to base and as usual get in the pool to cool off. We are in luck as there about 5 people around both pools but only 2 swimming and no kids. This will definitely be a daily visit in the late afternoons.
Interestingly one of the couples next to us have been living in here for a number of years. They own a house in Sydney but no longer want to live there and both of them work in Broome. He is a carpenter and the boss is in the travel industry.
Swim over and showered it’s sunset drinks time where we are joined by a whole bunch of Wallabies, Kangaroos who seem to appear out of no where along with Ibis and a heap of other scavenging birds.

The park has some amazing homes on wheels and our Wee Journey looks a little out of place next to these mansions.


We are in luck here as when we did the TV scan to pick up Channels it finds 39. That is a record number and means we can watch the Geelong game and we do remember that it is on 1 hour 30 minutes earlier due to the WA time.
Next to the park again is the local speedway track, we had this this before in Katherine and it was quite noisy. Well this time noisy does not do this racket justice as you would think these cars were circling our van as they are so loud. Once the Geelong lesson was over for GWS I walked over to the track to see what was making all the noise. I walked in past the ticket office which was empty, up to the oval track and it looked like little midget race cars with huge engines screaming round the track.
Ir reminded me of some redneck racing we had seen whilst in the US. I gave it five minutes and did not see one lap completed without a safety car on the track as someone had spun out. The racket went on till local time 9.30 and peace was restored.

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