Derby Last Day

Last full day in Derby today as we will leave tomorrow where we will drive to Broome and we will be there for a week at least. Today we have chilled out after yesterday’s exertions. We do however get our bikes off the caravan which is only the second time we have used them on this trip.

We cycle down to the wharf on a which is flat and easy. This only takes us about 15 minutes as there is not much to look at as we cycle. One side of the bike trail is wide open land and was used a long time ago to hold cattle before they were shipped live to Indonesia amongst other places but now this land is just a wide open damp paddock as the the exporting is done elsewhere. We do however get a reward of a milk shake in the wharf cafe. The tide is out and are not allowed on the pier due to deliveries but we will come back later for tea and sunset viewing when the tide will be back to high again. We cycle back and then it’s another shower and off to the Gibb River road to see some more Aboriginal art then off to another busier gallery which is really quite good and is run by a guy who used to be on the telly with Don Burke back in the day. The town of Derby has quite a few Boab trees and a famous one is the jail Boab Tree. This tree was used in the town to tie up Aboriginal slaves who had been marched in chains a ridiculous distance before being sold and or shipped overseas. The tree is as ugly as the vile trade it served but is still standing as a mark of the history of the town.

The pic below shows a slightly better tree.


High tide arrives and we are back at the wharf which mis now totally deep in water where this morning it was dry. Also where the wharf was quiet it now heaving with loads of people enjoying a cooler temperature and awaiting the sunset in chairs with wine, beers and nibbles the sunset arrives and it is of course stunning. We get the camera out and try and capture at least one good pic then it’s over to the wharf cafe. The same one from this morning and tonight is fish n chips for tea carry out style although not wrapped in paper anymore.

We have a Sons Of Anarchy night and watch a few more from series two then lights out ready to move our house on wheels to Broome and the Western Australian beaches.

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